Blu-ray edges out HD DVD yet again

More disappointing news for HD DVD came today with the results of Nielsen Video Scan's sales data for high definition DVDs. According to the firm, Blu-ray movies outsold HD DVD by more than 2-to-1 for the third month in a row.

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Robotz Rule4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

Blu-ray #1!!!!!:)(Scooby Doo),but that's just my opinion!,It's my preffered format.

I own both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray players,but I notice Blu-Ray has better quality,picture and sound.

[email protected]4202d ago

1- you first words make laugh sooooooo much.
2- Complete agree with ur words.

XxZxX4202d ago

those idiot think by tilting Amazon Rank, they can change the HDDVD's fate. The truth is mainstream buy what recommended by their friends, relative and stores' associate. Sadly most big store recommended Blu-Ray as main HD media, look like Sony put bigger pressure than Toshiba. You know, Hard core internet fellas like you and me are not mainstream. Whatever we argue here won't change anything except a few + or - bubbles.

DJ4202d ago

pushing HD-DVD pretty hard, but I suspect it was simply to get rid of stock. Blu-ray's getting the most attention now.

TheXgamerLive4201d ago

But yes, BR is doing better all in all but only temporarily, due to the ps3 including BR.
I feel as many do too, that this will change as 2007 goes into the Xmas season. I mean who uses there BR player on their ps3 as a BR player? I wouldn't wear out one by doing that:game playing is what it's for. I'd guess that only a small 3% - 5% use it to watch movies. Maybe more the first month people buy there console but dropping after that. I'll predict that by june almost nobody will be buying BR movies as compared to today.

QuackPot4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

It's inevitable that Bluray will win the format war(50 G will always beat 30 G) with the growth of HDTV and sales of PS3(which should explode in 2008 especially once Little Big Planet is released as well as lower price, return of rumble, large library, better net service & Home).

Now Toshiba and co need to do the honourable thing and concede and buy a BD licence. Come to think of it, likewise M$ xbox 360. The faster Micro$oft becomes a pure games developer(eg Sega) the better. I can't wait to see Halo, Forza, Viva etc on my Ps4.......the next gen victor.

Omicronn4202d ago

After doing research after research on what to buy, i dont see why anyone would not choose Bluray, in the long run it is just the better format not to mention disney movies that are ay better to have on board then porn.

And i dont think anyone believes the whole Porn beta/vhs theory anymore since all the reports about it being downloaded more then bought. Not to mention I have never seen an old video store like the old days of vhs/beta around anymore that even sell porn be it whatever format.

snoop_dizzle4202d ago

just remember with bluray resolution how much detail you will see. You might think thats a good thing, but you'll probably see a lot more "blemishes" to put it lightly.

Omicronn4201d ago

I know what you mean, and i have seen it already.
And i have also seen it on a friends hd-dvd.

Point is, in the long run the size does matter here and blu ray has it while hd-dvd clearly does not.

Merovee4201d ago

Don't count porn out yet there are still 2 studios publishing some pron on Blu-ray.......

But that makes me ask the question "WHY IN THE HELL DOES ANYONW WANT TO WATCH P0RN IN HD?!?!?!?" Nasty, it would be like "Wow, I could actually count every hair on that dudes fat ass"


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