The Learning Curve: Are JRPGs Too Hard For Mainstream Gamers?

A Limit Break writer examines the difficulty that new generation JRPGs like "The World Ends With You" tend to experience in penetrating the mainstream gaming market.

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Xi3602d ago

I think they're too involved.

Games like halo and cod4 sold so well because of their online which is really pick-up and play.

JRPGs require a lot more time and many people just don't have that time to play a really long and involved story like the ones in JRPGS.

PS360WII3602d ago

Which is kind of weird. The same gamers who would spend 60+ hours on one game with online cannot fathom spending 60+ hours on one game that tells a story :(

What's odd about the one friends argument about TWEWY is that you have access to the difficulty at all times. You can make it rather hard but you can also make it extremely easy.

SpoonyRedMage3602d ago

It is a good point. I can always finish a shooter in a day and just go back on it every so often but if I went on a JRPG for a day and then only every couple of weeks I'd likely never finish it or I'd lose my place in the story. They also don't have the thing most WRPGs have going which is where you can load it up and just do what you want and forget the story.

More and more JRPGs are now trying to integrate multiplayer(sometimes online). Even Dragon Quest has it now! It doesn't work with all but some manage it nicely if they're geared towards it(Phantasy Star, Monster Hunter and Crystal Chronicles)

According to Nomura TWEWY was actually "dumbed down" for the west. I can't remember exactly but I think a lot of text was removed so as to not bore people.

Xof3602d ago

RPGs are hard?

No, wait, JRPGs are hard? What does Japan have to do with this?

If you ask me, Baldur's Gate was far tougher than any JRPG I've ever played.

Gamer_Politics3602d ago

Jrpg's arent hard they just dont catch my attention i guess thats because i'm not into anime and all that other stuff