SingStar to be released by June with 30 tracks

Karaoke fans will be pleased to hear that SCEE has finally released some new solid information on SingStar.

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schnodder4195d ago


achira4195d ago

my girlfriend cant wait for this!

daomay4195d ago

Him and I cant wait to sing to britney spear "baby hit me one more time" and "oops I did it again" lol

chitown4195d ago

man ur kidding right??

Close_Second4195d ago

Nothing will feel better than firing up my PS3 to play Singstar! oh no wait, maybe a couple of AAA titles might have been nice rather than this "made for teen" kiddie crap.

SmokeyMcBear4195d ago

girls go absolutely nuts for karaoke.. its pretty insane to see what some vodka cranberrys and karaoke does to girls at a party.. awesomely good times.

Close_Second4194d ago

...but how many of them will fork out for a PS3 when there's nothing lacking about Singstar on the PS2?

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