Why We Don't Need Another Tomb Raider Game

NowGamer: Five Reasons Why Lara Croft Is Old Hat...

1. Gamers are no longer just teenage boys…
The original Tomb Raider featured a pneumatically endowed, strangely fish-faced Lara Croft, designed specifically to appeal to the overriding games demographic of 1996 – the male teenager. Nowadays, everyone plays games, with realism playing a key part in the immersive, interactive experience. Lara may have evolved, but she still represents gaming eye-candy in our minds...

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Roper3163602d ago

well we don't need another COD every year either cause all you do is run around and shoot each other in the head and there is a million shooters on the market. I like TR because it is about exploring the levels and using the enviroments. While I love Uncharted and am really looking forward to UC2 that is more about the gun play and not about the exploring so I will always like TR better for that reason.

Rainstorm813602d ago

those teen boys now get their fix on shooting people in the head instead of worring about eye candy. (all game babes look fairly good) COD is probably one of, or is the best out of the million shooters

There was a little bit of exploring in U:DF, and i think U2:AT will expand on exploration and gunplay this time around. TR legend and underworld were probably the best of the franchise but Nathan Drake's game bests Lara Croft's game in every way.

Although every one cant play Uncharted so Tomb Raider is need for people with out PS3's (and with for those who prefer Lara)

Gamer_Politics3602d ago

the Tomb Raider series has been dead for couple of years used to be good on the ps1

Mosfet3602d ago

They finally got her butt right. Although Roper316 pretty much said it perfectly.

Apocalypse Shadow3602d ago



wicked3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

I would rather watch Lara than Drake but hay everyone to their own.

Rainstorm813602d ago

I watch movies and play games and as far as these two go.

Id rather play Uncharted 1 over any Tomb Raider buut i understand you may not have that option.

dorron3602d ago

I love both Uncharted and Tomb Raider. Underworld was a pretty nice game, though I must admit Uncharted was far better.

To sum it up, I personally want another Tomb Raider game.

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