Sony's Eric Matthews on what it takes to win a D&AD Award.

Established in 1962, D&AD is an educational charity representing the creative, design and advertising communities. Each year the organisation gives out a selection of awards, otherwise known as Yellow Pencils. They are designed to recognise creative work which is "original and inspiring, well-executed and relevant to its context".

The winners of this year's awards have yet to be announced, but D&AD last week revealed that there are six nominees in the gaming category. Sony's LocoRoco, Shadow of the Colossus and Buzz! the Big Quiz could all receive a Yellow Pencil, along with Nintendo's Wii Sports and Brain Training. CDX, an educational game produced by the BBC, is also up for an award.

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Bhai4195d ago

Yeah ! With three games out of six Sony truely ROCKS. WOW ! Shadow of the Colossus is still getting great awards and why not, it is the all-time next-gen game ever ! Just look at some of the next-gen technology behind it with picture-demonstrations:

Check the above link out you won't regret it. Even on a 7 years old system what THIS game brought was beyond belief, especialy when PS2 had only 32mb RAM, only 4mb of Video RAM and no dedicated GPU at all.

Bhai4195d ago

Here's how Shadow of the Colossus makes itself a truely all-time next-gen game. More detailed descriptions with pictures of some of these features are in the article linked in the above post#1. Here are high-lights with a few more features. The AWESOME, multi-award winning game does:




-Stencil Shadowing(same as Doom-3 but even Doom-3 couldn't do soft shadows, this game does it big time),

-Real-Time Fur(same as in Lair for PS3),

-Unprecedent particle effects,

-Volumetric smoke(although fake but WOW !),

-Dynamic Collision Deformation(Never done before and never done in next-gen yet),

-Seamless Loading-free environments,

-Multi-genre gameplay(From 'platforming' to 'puzzle' to 'free-roaming' to 'target-hunting' etc. etc.),

-Freedom of motion(walk, run, ride, swim, climb trees/monsters/mountains/templ es etc.)

-Multi-Themed environments
(From lavish green-gardens to sunny dry deserts, from dry-lava red rocky areas to water-rich swamps, from drowned Citadels to a remarkably exotic abandoned city, from beasts that take you to sky to the underground caverns with giants, from towering temples to a multi-tiered colosium.......this game has everthing to make a living-breathing world),

-Seamless interactivity:
1. Shoot an arrow to a stone, it will bounce off.
2. Shoot an arrow to a tree or ground, it will impale.
3. Shoot an arrow in water, it will start floating.
4. Grab a fish in water, you'll start swimming with it.
5. Grab a bird by sneaking behind it, you'll start flying.
6. Shoot a lizard in the stomach, it will die, BUT,
7. Shoot a lizard on the tail, it will fall off and lizard runs away.
8. Shoot a tortoise and it will go inside its shell, comes out later.
9. Wherever a Colossus sets foot on ground, the ground forms undulations and you can climb over 'em.
10. You can climb any reachable ledge so this means that there are several ways to kill a Colossus.
11. Total quality physics from your climbing of Colossus to your hanging and swinging.
12. Dynamic sound effects...keeps changing according to your position in an inside or outside environment...same happens to soundtrack music, it changes according to Colossus' status in fighting.
13. Shoot fruots from trees and eat them to get refreshed !

----------------------------- ------------------------------- ----

Above are only some of the features in this remarkable one-of-its-kind experience. No doubt PS-fans' tastes are much richer and mature with experiencing all these sorts of innovative gaming types in the past-gens. Combine such a title with god of war, Buzz, Singstar, EyeToy and Singstar...and you have a gamer that is not easily satisfied with next-gen offerings. Next-gen only starts when these game-types are crossed over, only Sony is doing that with experiences like MotorStorm, Heavenly Sword, Little Big Planet and Lair, so its only Sony that can do it !!! Play B3yond !

sak5004195d ago

BTW, Did u ever finish the game? I couldn't, it was quite difficult and then i sold off my ps2. I wish they make the same game with next gen graphics and more varied enemies to kill. I'm sure that will be a huge hit as well.

nix4195d ago

i wonder when i'll get to see the birds and the tortoise and the fish.

sak, even i gave up on after 2nd monster but my friend helped me kill the 8th one. i'm just waiting for a get-togther (he lives in a diff city) so that i can see the game's ending. q:

wildcat4195d ago

great description, the game was a masterpiece, technically and innovatively and rivals some next-gen games now. Team Ico is incredibly talented and I'm glad that Sony has got them under their arm. If they did that with PS2 hardware, I can't even imagine the technical showery that they'll achieve with the PS3?


You've got to muster it out and finish it, the ending is so intriguing. If you have to, you can go on YouTube and get help with them. I admit that it's really exhausting to defeat them.

achira4195d ago

indeed a very amazing and revoluting game.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4195d ago

is one of the best games ever made.
and all of you who said you didn`t finish it, that`s a shame.
it`s definitly one of the best endings ever to a game.

i can`t wait for their ps3 game.(i can`t even imagine)
1st party companys like this is why i absolutly love Sony.
and guys like team ico you don`t just find anywhere.