Gamasutra Interview: Alienware CEO Lewis On PC Gaming Market, Perception

The true state of PC gaming is hotly contested, and hard numbers are increasingly difficult to find due to the increasing influence of digital distribution and alternative revenue streams. Nonetheless, there's no doubt that the segment is in flux.

But computer manufacturer Dell plans still sees enough of a market to expand the reach of its high-end Alienware gaming brand, acquired in 2006, to a worldwide scope; the division will now sell to dozens of countries rather than six. And the company also seems to be addressing the general shift towards laptops, launching its new M17x gaming laptop with both Alienware and Dell branding.

As a group that caters directly to the most dedicated consumers within an already hardcore segment, Alienware has to have a handle on where the market is going. Gamasutra sat down with president Arthur Lewis and senior VP Frank Azor to discuss where PC gaming is and where it's going, its effective market size, and the place today for a high-end boutique machine.

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