Top 10 Downloads on Video Marketplace for week of Apr 16

Here is the top Video Market place activity for the past week:

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hamburgerhill4196d ago

I've been watching alot of the Blade series here lately and love the show! I really do wish that the video market place were a little cheaper and that they would extend the movie rental time to more like 3 days! Also it would be cool to burn movie's off of dvd onto the 360 hdd rather than constantly pop them in!

gta_cb4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

yes i agree except the burning DVDs to the HDD would never happen in my opinion as it would just increase piracy... lol imagen on the market someone selling a 360 HDD with 20 odd DVDs on it lol

i am loving South park being at number 1! haha! its such a funny program! i downloaded that free episode called "fun times with weapons" lol such a good episode!

P.S.S. i hope that the video marketplace comes available in the UK soon! i would deff use it :D

iceice1234196d ago

Is pure win. Wait, why isn't there a video marketplace in the UK? Legal reasons with companies?

Xi4196d ago

it's all about distribution rights, we don't get it in canada either. Apple tv is having the same problems.

Robotz Rule4196d ago

South Park HD is the best!!!:)