Video Game Warzone #50: The Killzone Update We've Been Waiting For

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "On this episode we talk about the new features being added to Killzone 2. Can you say, BOLT GUN! Yes, KZ2 will be getting the Bolt Gun and Flamethrower added to the game. We also played our second game of Gamer Feud. Gamers went at hard answering game questions for a chance to win a copy of Modern Warfare 2. Also on this show:

* Blazeblue (Torrence)
* Davis Daily becomes Davis Weekly (Torrence)
* The BF1943 Challenge (Torrence)
* Killzone 2 Bolt Gun and Flamethrower (Erl Fly)
* Splinter Cell coming to PS3 (Hiphopgamer)
* Uncharted 2 GOTY (Hiphopgamer)
* And much much more…"

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DevastationEve3600d ago

Conviction is a CONFIRMED Xbox 360 exclusive. Those who have Xbox 360, go to the marketplace and download the E3 gameplay trailer, the creative director says it himself.

Anilom3600d ago

Its on the PC so its not exclusive to 360..

Socomer 19793600d ago

Splinter cell conviction will be on the ps3, just get over it. you really believe its exclusive? you got jokes.

Beg For Mercy3600d ago

cant really tell if this one is staying exclusive or not its hard to tell i think its goin to stay for awhile though

MetalGearBear 3600d ago

Splinter Cell coming to PS3!!??
what the hell?