Tecmo Is Releasing A Zombie Game

Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku writes:

"If the title does not clue you in, Undead Knights features knights that are undead. That's right, it's a zombie PSP game from Tecmo - a hack-and-slash zombie game.
If the possibilities of zombie throwing or zombie slamming does not enthrall you, perhaps the zombie bridge will? Undead Knights is due out in Japan on October 15."

xino5478d ago

One of the best trailers i've ever seen in my life!

I love that guy's voice:)

Chubear5477d ago (Edited 5477d ago )

Tecmo always do awesome awesome trailers for their games. I don't get this Zombie crazy that's sweeping the industry for so long but I guess people love their zombie games.

gaminoz5477d ago (Edited 5477d ago )

I wonder how long before an English version release? With that same voice: Zombica zombica zombica...lol.

Looks like a zombie olympics a bit..


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Inception4689d ago (Edited 4689d ago )

Yeah, i luv kasumi tits <3
but i never have the time for playing DoA tits...em i mean DoA Paradise
is it worth the time & money?


Tecmo Koei will offer their PSP games cheaper next week

With next update of Playstation Store, the second round of promotion "PSP Power Sale" with games for PlayStation Portable will appear. Among the available titles will include such those issued by Tecmo Koei.

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