Is melding the Xbox 360 and PC platforms a good idea?

The guys at Ars technica tackle a new topic each weak in The Saturday Showdown; This week? Whether or not melding the PC and Xbox 360 platforms is a good idea.

"Ben: We as gamers are currently witnessing a strange merging of the 360 and PC platforms. May will welcome the release of Command and Conquer 3 for Xbox 360 and the big Xbox Live Anywhere debut, Shadowrun. Two genres, RTS and FPS, that hardcore PC gamers argue can only be played with a mouse and keyboard. The RTS genre has been making something of a comeback with Command & Conquer 3 and Supreme Commander, and this is one of the reasons I upgraded my gaming rig. I've reviewed..."

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nix4196d ago

...and the worst part is without paras...

must try to read.. must try to read! q:

fjtorres4196d ago

There is one fatal flaw in this debate and that is the idea that it matters what *they* (or us) think.

The alignment of console and PC gaming is unavoidable because the costs associated with advanced games is too high to neglect any platform with a significant installed base and because of the rise of middleware providing the mechanisms for quality cross-platform ports.

PC/console crossovers are technically possible and economically viable and that guarantees they will proliferate because nobody (except first-party console developers) is going to willingly leave that kind of money on the table out of pride.

Kinda futile to debate the inevitable, no?
Now, if they were debating the likely outcome of this ongoing cross-polinization, well, that might have some meaning...

Ps30074196d ago

PC's are to far ahead of consoles and the only thing it will do is hold PC back...

Take ShadowRun for example. They nerfed keyboard and mouse controls.. Why? Because PC is to fast with the mouse..

So because consoles suck at FPS we should do the same thing to PC games?


And dont even think im paying to play online games either.

silent ninja4195d ago

i think its bad idea to merge them they have differnt style of playing games, differnt demographic ,and a huge gap in power of the machines not to forget mods etc