GF's Cosplay Babe of the Week Rikku

Johnathan Lynch writes: "This week's Cosplay Babe of the Week is the lovely Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2 and also Kingdom Hearts 2. Known for her flight-enabling scarf and silly demeanor, she should be known mostly for being hot. ..."

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GunShotEddy4951d ago

She's easily the hottest one from the FF series, with one exception - Tifa.

heroicjanitor4951d ago

She was on the original playstation she looked like sh*t...

I mean, just look at her

Myst4951d ago (Edited 4951d ago )

I hate you Heroicjanitor...:(

The images below show way more justice for Tifa >_<

especially the last of the three.


i was on time for work today, but after looking at them pictures, i think i might be late.....

meepmoopmeep4951d ago (Edited 4951d ago )

meh, they're o...k...

if you're into girls and stuff, i guess


ThanatosDMC4951d ago

^I pick this one for her bewbs and if she's looking up... while you know... ::wink wink::

^ She looks like the best Rikku. But probably flat... sad day.

SaiyanFury4951d ago

I suppose I'm in a vast minority here, but I always thought Quistis was the most attractive. And she uses a whip...

vgn244951d ago

If we're saying who's hotter, then the hottest cosplay is Mai from KoF.

meepmoopmeep4951d ago

NONE of them look like the companions
you can sit down and have long deep conversations with.

so they ALL FAIL!


vgn244951d ago (Edited 4951d ago )

Bubbles for meepmoopmeep for saying "long deep" in this thread and not in a perverted context. lol

GunShotEddy4951d ago

harder, better, faster, stronger.. deeper and longer?

Ahmay4950d ago

yeah i had a thing for quistic too...

ThanatosDMC4950d ago

Lulu and Rikku = yes

Yuna = no cuz her eyes would just be freaky up close

Kimari = ??? if you're into that kinda thing.

FrankenLife4950d ago

I am sooooo bringing my good camera to PAX.

coolfool4950d ago

The blonds boobs are far too big for Rikku! We complain about games making every character have too big boobs and now we are doing it in real life!


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Chaxo4951d ago

I am speechless ,

Yuna is much better than those ..

Homicide4951d ago

Same here. I'm a Yuna girl as well.

Briyen4951d ago

3rd row on the left looks very much the same


ELite_Ghost4950d ago

1st on the right is butt ugly

LittleBigSackBoy4951d ago

Yuna will always be the best looking FF girl.

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The story is too old to be commented.