Monster Hunter Gathering Hall Open for Free Reservations

Following the successful launch of the Monster Hunter Gathering Hall in London back on July 3rd, 2009, Capcom has announced plans to offer the space as a meeting ground for select hunting packs. In a release issued this weekend, Capcom revealed the opportunity to reserve a floor of the dedicated Monster Hunter venue for your own gaming event.

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Socomer 19793599d ago

Do you think if I opened 1 of these storefronts up in new york city, will it survive the recession? I could sell weed in the crowds and alcohol at the bar. maybe have some girls dancing on poles, dressed of course. Do you think a place like this could make money?

Chubear3599d ago

That's hot! I've never played the MH series but I've been increasingly interested in the series this gen. I just look at what they've done with the series on the PSP & Wii and I just can't help but be totally frustrated at how they haven't brought this game out on the PS3.

Can you imagine the gameplay elements and insane graphics they could give gamers with a PS3 version? WOW! ... and with a Monster Hunter HOME game space too?! *spasms*

OSIRUSSS3599d ago

I just picked up the new MH for PSP and its the hardest PSP game I have ever played. Awesome Gameplay and GFX though. Just Hard. Which I like.

adlt3599d ago

If you stick at it and have a little persistence you'll get it and eventually start kicking some major ass. Luckily your probably playing MHFU which is a lot easier than the originals. Once you get past the tough and somewhat boring learning curve for this game it becomes an addiction. It's normal for people to have hours in the 800-1200 range. Most I've seen is about 2000!

Myst3599d ago

Fully agree with adlt this game is far easier then Freedom 2 in terms of getting a felyne fighter makes the game that much easier, at least at the beginning when farming the popo's the tigrex can go after the cat instead of you :p