Microsoft admits Vista failure

WITH TWO OVERLAPPING events, Microsoft admitted what many have been saying all along, Vista, aka Windows MeII, is a joke that no one wants.

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nix4225d ago

i doubt MS will ever say that.. but looks like they are feeling the heat!

TheXgamerLive4225d ago

No one said anything of the sort, in fact Windows Vista is the greatest windows yet, especially for gaming. And no, nobody usually upgrades to a new system, it's all and I do mean ALL of the new systems bought from now on will have Vista installed and then soon everyone will be enjoying LIVE ANYWHERE playing vs Xbox 360 live.

Awesome gaming is ahead, just awesome.

risk4225d ago

wow...i dont know whats retarded you are..or how high up microsofts d!ck is in ur ass.

TheXgamerLive4225d ago

Use some common sence next time when you reply.

BIadestarX4225d ago

XGamer... ignore people like risk... Unless is anti-microsoft they don't want to hear what you have to say... If you like the xbox or windows for them you automatically have to be a droid or " d!ck is in ur ass.". You can't possibly be a happy customer. We see a lot of:
"Mac OSX rulz!
Vista sukz!
Live with it!"
And all I have to say is... you are the one who have to live with it... you are the one that feel the need of having everyone to adopt a product that you like. One word PC = More games. Now go and play with photoshop. which by the way it's also available for windows.
Use what you want to use... and play what you want to play... stop trying to make people eat the $h!t you eat.

AuburnTiger4225d ago

RUN Risk!!!! You've been reported

shysun4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Why in the hell would PC owners want to PAY to play against 360 owners?PC online gaming is FREE, you'd be a dumb-ass to pay for live on your PC.

deathtok4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Use common spelling when you reply. :) 'Spell Check' is for your benefit.

But honestly, I can take that you like XBox Live it's a pretty good setup but honestly Vista is not a good product. You say it's the best for gaming but the host of driver and software problems say otherwise.

uxo224224d ago

Half of you blind mice running your mouths about vista amongst other things don't have a damn clue as to what your talking about. Most of the smack you are talking comes from more craps that you read from other idiot that don't know what they are talking about either.

Some of you guys can spread BullSh!t like a virus. You read post from some people and you can see that they have some kind of intelligence, they there's the bandwagoneer, who is like an echo, they hear it and they repeat it as if it came from them to begin with. Please you really starting to become unbearable.

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Diselage4225d ago

Is very anti-microsoft if you can't tell from this post. It's a site based in UK i think and they do have decent news and are fairly up to date on things but when it comes to Microsoft i take whatever they say with a grain a salt. Vista may not be doing fantastic but it's a new OS and people like XP still so of course theres going to be some reservation about adopting any thing new. Vista is a good OS and it'll just take time.

calderra4225d ago

Windows Mell? What does that mean? Did the nerds of the world unite and try to come up with the dumbest way to make fun of Vista they could imagine? Gah!

-I got a computer with Vista on it. And it works. And it's pretty. You can do the same.
-OS upgrades happen all the ****ing time! Anyone remember Win1.x, Win2.x, Win 3.x, Win 95a/b, Win 98/SE, win NT, win ME, win 2000, and Win XP? Apparently not.
-How mane people simultaneously whine that XP is too old, and needs to be replaced, yet moan about changing to Vista?

Somebody needs a diapey change.

Norad64225d ago

ME II (ME 2) as in Vista is Windows ME 2.0

Robotz Rule4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

Good thing I won't upgrade till' the summer or so:)