120GB 360 HDD worth only $100

With the drive cracked open and exposed, we can finally see the wondrous, ultra high-tech hard drive that justifies Microsoft's $179 price tag. Or can we?

It turns out that the drive inside the plastic case is in fact a Fujitsu MHW2120BH 2.5" laptop drive. did some Google searching and discovered that these drives generally cost around $100.

Not long ago, Aaron Greenberg stated that the drive in the Xbox 360 is comparable to a self-powered external hard drive for a PC. Alright, so there must be some sort of additional work that justifies an $80 increase above retail, right? The thing is, according to Shindakun, the 360 drive isn't self powered. You have to shut down the console to install it, because it's just an SATA drive with a proprietary connector.

So, where does the extra cost come from? The plastic casing isn't that nice. Granted, there are R&D costs to consider, but $80 extra per unit seems a little steep. Without a direct explanation of the costs from Microsoft, we can make only one conclusion: we're getting ripped off.

Buyer beware.

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FordGTGuy4196d ago

these HDD are purpose built and have pre-installed software that allow it to work with the Xbox 360 among other things.

Cutnell4196d ago

You seriously think that is worth the extra $80? Not to mention that microsoft undoubtedly gets a major deal over the $100 online retailer prices cited in this article...bulk=much cheaper!

Also, if MS had made the drive upgradeable from the beginning, the software required to make it work with the 360 would be unnecessary....basically, they designed it so they could maximize profit, not in the interests of their consumer. It's business, so no surprise here, but don't try to justify the extra cost!

weekapaugh4196d ago

"You also have to add in that these HDD are purpose built and have pre-installed software that allow it to work with the Xbox 360 among other things."

bwaaaaaaahhh, please tell me your being sarcastic. MS just continues to milk peeps.

ASSASSYN 36o4196d ago

Man even I have to disagree with that statement. Despite what is or isn`t operating in the Elite 360 people are still going to buy it. And history as it usually does is going to repeat itself when sony follows suit and builds a larger harddrive system.

techie4196d ago

But it would be nice if it was cheaper though right?

FeralPhoenix4196d ago

and it would be nice if the 360 itself was cheaper, if the PS3 was cheaper, if the official 360 racing wheel I just bought was cheaper, hell it would be nice if a night at the movies and popcorn were cheaper....but its not. -The funny thing is I don't NEED any of these things, but I CHOSE to pay for them all because I figured I would enjoy them enough that they would end up being worthy of the cost.

-Now Deep, whats even funnier is that despite what I just said Iam fully aware that I STILL sit here, wishing that the 120gig HDD was cheaper.
-lol, did any of that make ANY sense?

techie4196d ago

Well I'm saying that sitting back and praising a company for high prices is not a good thing. You need to be unhappy or complain your asses off.

The PS3 is waaaayyyyy too expensive and I won't buy it until there's a further price drop.

XGamer defeding the pricing of any multimillionaire company when it's clearly too expensive is quite sad.

We need to boycott them all. Prices down please. People don't complain enough.

zonetrooper54196d ago

I do want this hard drive but we gonna be ripped off here in Britain which will really suck.

TheXgamerLive4196d ago

Just b/c the wannabe ps3 is a big flop, doesn't mean ya gotta take it out on the Xbox 360.

sony and the wannabe ps3 is your problem, not ours. Were happy with what we've been given.

masterg4196d ago

Why do you bring Sony into this..
Its about Microsoft... Damn these fanboys are getting old

Robotz Rule4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

XGamer,saying things like that makes you sound like a Xbox fanboy!oh wait.....