Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition (360) $134.99 at Amazon

Daniel of CheapAssGamer writes:

"If you've been having a hard time finding one of these, now you've found one...on sale."

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Eiffel4398d ago (Edited 4398d ago )

Lol that's the price for on sale?


B!tch better be forged from the mighty hands of Thor at that price.

DirtyLary4398d ago

Yet you kids will drop $200.00+ on the gimmicky NVG COD game package.

BYE4398d ago

Good price for a Pro stick.

It was never meant to be limited edition, Madcatz keeps making them.

Poor people who bought this at 300$ cause they thought it's gonna be rare LOL.

likeaboss3024398d ago

I picked mine up from the Capcom store a couple of weeks ago. With every penny of the $149.99 list. I think I might pick up a second one.

Baka-akaB4398d ago

I'll maybe get a hori instead , probably with Tekken 6 . Especially when the Madcatz arent wireless .

In the meantime i still got an old ps2 hori with the a sanwa stick (but hori buttons) with pc/ps3 usb adapter

DirtyLary4398d ago

Just swap the buttons out with some 30mm Sanwas and you have a stick on par with the greatest players. All ya need now is skills.

BYE4398d ago

The TE Stick already has Sanwa buttons...