Diehard GameFAN: Still Life 2 Review

Diehard GameFAN writes: "Still Life 2 is game that really need a little more polish and quality control before being released. It's quite buggy and there are some really big flaws in the game that detract from the overall gaming experience. At the same time, the game's cut scenes are incredible and when the game wants to be, it shows the occasional flicker of outright brilliance. At the end of the day though, the sheer amount of bugs combined with some really bad gameplay decisions and a bit of a middle finger to the original Still Life and Post Mortem fans means that this game is left best in the hands of someone who has not played the original and/or who is unaware of who the original Still Life killer was meant to be. Supposedly these issues only plague the downloadable version of the game, so my advice is to wait for the boxed version to be available in August. Otherwise you are getting a game that is, at times, nigh unplayable".

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