Sega, Ubisoft want a PS3 price drop in 2007

Ubisoft President Yves Guillemot told Bloomberg that, while the PS3 will sell out its first shipments, the price of Sony's console must go down in 2007 to stay competitive. Sega of America exective Scott Steinberg echoed similar sentiments, telling GameDaily that "for a lot of families [the launch price is] too expensive." We have no doubt that early adopters will secure a successful PlayStation 3 launch in all regions (Sony is more than sure of that), but beyond the launch window is still a mystery.

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Marriot VP5803d ago

heck yah Ubisoft wants the PS3 to drop price. They have to invest a decent amount to port 360 and PC titles to the PS3. And they don't want their PS3 games to have a small audience.

The Real Deal5803d ago

They are both worried about the ps3 sales if they don't do a dramatic price drop in 2007. And it won't happen folks. But its what I have been saying. When the ps3 hits 300 dollars. Thats when they can regain their mass market appeal. The only problem is at 600 dollars they loose 350 per console. It has already been stated that the ps3 costs right now 900 plus dollars to manufacture. So to drop to the 300 dollar sweet spot would mean that they would loose 600 plus per console. SOny is already borrowing money from banks...that would really put them in a hole. And one thing to note. The longer it takes Sony to drop the price. The more sony fans that are waiting will wait no longer and invest in the 360 to get their next gen fix with all the 3rd party multi platform releases. Like Ubi, Sega, and Microsoft have said on record...2007 will be the year that puts the leader in a firm position for years to come. All this because Sony wanted to 1 up Microsoft but all and all they fell into a trap and now Microsoft is in the position sony was in with the first playstation. New kid on the block doing all the right things to get mass market appeal. Think about it.

Wotbot5802d ago

I agree Sony should drop the price.

The PS3 will be the first console I will not purchase upon release. I'm going to wait until a lot of good games are released until I pay £425. And that will be in about 2 years.

ACE5802d ago

buy then sony could be history lol!!!!

PS360PCROCKS5802d ago

bad for sony, they dont need developers sharing their opinion on the price point.


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