MyMedia: Guitar Hero Greatest Hits Review

Ever since Guitar Hero first graced our Playstation 2's a few years back, the music video-game genre has never been the same. In a genre that was once dominated by the likes of Beatmania and Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero has expanded into one of the most recognizable brands on the planet; not just in the video-game industry, but also in the entertainment industry as a whole. There's also Rock Band, which has developed a strong niche audience with its indie and lesser known track listings and slightly different gameplay. Since the first Guitar Hero, we've been subjected to nearly 20 titles across both franchises - with several average spin-offs in Guitar Hero Aerosmith and Rock the 80s - and with the latest entry in Guitar Hero Greatest Hits, we get the best of some of the earlier Guitar Hero games. But does this latest addition justify an encore?

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adsaidler3604d ago

i've never seen a franchise being milked as much as guitar hero, i mean, it's enought already, try something different '-'

hellerphant3604d ago

I totally agree with you on that one!

If they had the DLC support that Rock Band offered there wouldn't need to be 402385034958234 different versions of the same game!

Having said that I'm not exactly impressed with the release of The Beathles Rock Band either!