To Demo, or Not To Demo – Does It Matter?

Tamizander of XboxInsider writes "I always, always try to play the demo of a game that I'm considering buying. I wait. I check Xbox Marketplace. Generally, I enjoy the game and rent/buy it to give myself more time to play it. Sometimes, I'm disappointed and I pass on the game. Nowadays, demos before release are getting rarer and rarer. In a world where we've gotten used to trying the game before we buy it (XBL Arcade, anyone?), it's not as much our disappointment with being unable to play a game, but what not having a demo before release has become to mean to gamers. But, is there any correlation between a demo before release and after release? Does it change the game's quality, or does it affect sales? Let's dig deeper."

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Blaze9293603d ago

of course demos matter. Can not tell you how many games I wish had a demo before I bought it; would've saved ALOT of money and disappointment.

JustinSaneV23603d ago

Agreed 100%.

Demos have made and broke many purchases for me.

a_squirrel3603d ago

the Motorstorm one was a blast!

Elimin83603d ago

Then I would not have downloaded that punisher crap.....

RememberThe3573603d ago

The Punisher wasn't that bad.

But I agree demos can make or brake a sale.

ajeben8093603d ago

but i can understand how it is important to some people. sometimes ill get demos for a bit of fun, im glad theyr there

Alvadr3603d ago

I was gonna buy Ghostbusters at the weekend... but the demo which arrived on the PSN last week put me right off.

Demos are important to me in a decision of whether or not to pay 30-35 quid on a game.

Darkeyes3603d ago

Demos are really important to me as well. I bought Haze for 60 bucks on launch day!!!!!! If only I had tried the demo, I would have known that it was a piece of garbage. From that day, I made it a point to check out the demo and then buy the game. I immediately knew that Infamous was worth it when I tried the demo and the game didn't disappoint. The same implies to Red Fraction Guerilla... I bought Prototype without playing a demo (since there isn't one), and regret buying a game bet suited as a rent.

60$ is a lot for a game. Even the 5$ apps on the iphone Appstore have free demo kind versions, so why can't a 60$ game have the same.

aaron58293603d ago

when i'm on the fence wether to buy or not to buy...

Other games, which we know will be good, i dont need a demo for it...

Just to name a few, MGS, Uncharted, RE5...

I still believe demos are important for new ips.

I first tried out infamous demo, and i had a blast, that's why i bought it.

I tried Mirror's Edge demo, and well, i bought it...

I tried UFC, well, passs....

My point is, from consumer's perspective, demos are important... developer wise... tough decision.

But i dont care, i'm a consumer. Give me my demos !

*looks at Demon's Soul*

Redempteur3603d ago

to demo of course .

that way i avoided the ghost buster game ...

and that way i have no doubt in my mind about the others i bought

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level 3603603d ago

Demos ultimately make or break any game sales... while screenshots and in-game video footage are just the appetizers.

RockmanII73603d ago

No demo means I look online at reviews and unless its 10/5 with no hate comments at the bottom I wait for a friend too buy it and hear his reaction.

sunil3603d ago

same here, if there is no demo available i wait for someone who has purchased it to give me feedback or go by metacritic score

LostChild3603d ago

Games cost $60bucks and I would rather get hands-on first, before I go out and pay the full price. Sometime when there is no demo, I usually end up renting. I played a lot of games and half of them aren't even worth the full price tag. I do not follow review scores, because they don't have the same taste in games as I do.

-MD-3603d ago

For a new IP yes demos matter.

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