Mygamer: The Beatles: Rock Band Preview

Mygamer writes: "While all this sounds great, there is one particularly notable omission. We all remember the generous stroke of genius that was the ability to load the entire Rock Band 1 soundtrack into Rock Band 2, and the subsequent ability to do so with the disk-based Track Packs available at retail. Unfortunately for established Rock Band players, this feature is not available in The Beatles. Even worse, this exclusivity also carries over into the downloadable tracks. While some wonderful DLC is slated for the game (full albums, the entirety of Abbey Road and many others) your Beatles songs are forever locked away in The Beatles: Rock Band, forever separated from your modest mice, your killers and your pearl jamming. As a random note, I personally hope they release Sir George Martin's version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" from the "Love" Cirque du Soleil".

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