New PSP and PS3 firmware make PS1 emulation 10 x more awsome

Now that the new PS3 firmware allows you to play PS1 emulation titles on the PS3 AND transfer game saves to the PSP, you can do what gamers have been dreaming of for the last decade. You can play a game in your house on the big screen, and when are forced to leave the worn in ass groove of your couch for the harsh and unforgiving furnishings of whatever public transport you take to work, you can continue your session where you left off on the PSP. Hip hip hooray for about bleeding time.

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AudioRage4200d ago

why would anyone buy the titles off the psn again?when u can just back up your originals onto your psp?

techie4200d ago

wat do you mean? You don't have to buy them again.

MySwordIsHeavenly4200d ago

I think he means buying the games that you bought WAY back when you had the PS1...

If not, then you're right. You don't have to buy them again. I just kept my download of Medieval. Sony said they'll add this feature to the already released PS1 games very shortly...I just forgot the exact date.

Ah...just get MGS and FFVII and we'll all be happy. Personally, I'd rather have FFVIII though...

Maddens Raiders4200d ago

sure what you mean by buying them again AudioRage, because backing them up on the PSP is not the same as downloading them to the HDD from the PS Store. a/w this is long overdue and a very kick a$$ feature that only adds more value to the franchise.

ChickeyCantor4199d ago

When i saw the head line, i was more thinking of some kind of gfx plugin that imrpoves the gfx like it would do on a EPSXE emulator.

o well, nice feature though

MikeGdaGod4199d ago

i bought Crash off the PSN months ago for my psp, now i'm tryin to get it to play on my ps3 and it won't work.

anyone know what i'm doing wrong?

Kyur4ThePain4199d ago

The way I understand it is that the 1.7 ver allows you to play PS1 titles on the PS3, but none of the PS1 titles available for download NOW are playable. There will be another update in June (I think) that will allow all the PS1 titles in the store to be playable on the PS3. Until then, any NEW PS1 titles made available WILL be playable.

Sorry if I got this wrong, but that's what I understnd it to be.