PS3 Slim: "It's Real", says GameTrailers

With the recent leak of the PS3 Slim video from the Philippines, an employee from GameTrailers has confirmed that it's real.

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RememberThe3573600d ago

It's selling at a higher price then the current PS3. But that is probably because it's leaked.

It's nice to see that it's real though. Hopefully we'll see it at TGS set for release this holiday season.

We all knew they set they're sales expectations at 13 million for a reason.

chrisnick3600d ago

set this at less than $300 you will set the world on fire.

G3TDOWN3600d ago

if Sony brings PS3 slim with a price drop !

at least that's what I think

HarukoHex3600d ago

There is no way it will ever sell less then the large ps3. Why, its not possible especially with the economy in the stat its in. so all those ps3 fans who said it would be cheaper, TOLD YA SO!!!!!!!. =^.^=

heroicjanitor3600d ago

They are always all pixelated and crap without showing the entire thing. Surely they can take a few half decent photos or video the thing in it's entirety. It always makes me think they are trying to trick people, but it still looks legit.

Mindboggle3600d ago

My guess is its fake. The leaked box's, the leaked factory images, this leaked video are all of a fake PS3 being produced, and I hope so, as its really ugly. But then again, its no more ugly than the 360 elite. Its just nowhere near as nice as the fat PS3.

SnuggleBandit3600d ago

looks to be concurrent with the previously leaked photos doesn't it? Now I can't wait to buy one of these bad boys...or two or three lol

ThanatosDMC3600d ago

Umm... judging from the location of the video. It's not even in a nice enclosed store. Just an open market.

I've been in the PH and seen all these things. Green Hills Mall if anybody knows what im talking about.

I say fake. Just like the fake PS2s, 360s, gamecube, etc that i've seen over there. At least they have authentic PSPs though most of them have been opened from their respective boxes. Not to mention the prices are jacked up compared to here in the US.

Traveler3600d ago

It's probably a knockoff. Those things are very common in that part of the world.

It's possibly legit, but not likely in my opinion.


wow. we have come a long way with the ps3.

i think ill get a slim to take the stress off of my launch 60gig. If sony can price it at 300.oo- 340.oo it should be a steal here in the usa. obviously youre getting a great blueray player and a next gen console that has yet to be fully exploited and updated via firmware.

Thats robbery right there @ 300.oo.
400.oo seems like it will infuriate the masses.... especially without the card readers the extra usb's and probably backwards compatibility.

All sony can do is keep producing juggernauts out of there studios, hope the masses will come to their senses and realize what they are purchasing with a ps3

ChrisGTR13600d ago

this is just retarded. people arent buying the ps3 cause its expensive not cause it looked ugly. the only people that are going to buy a slim ps3 are current ps3 owners they shoulda waited another year to get more fat ps3s out in the market to later make them re buy the slim ps3

RememberThe3573600d ago

You make some of the dumbest comment I've ever read...

lokiroo4203600d ago

Where th F#[email protected] is sev? didnt he have the scoop on this from the beginninng?

ChrisGTR13600d ago

you must be brain dead, just read the comments on here dumbass. everyone on here is going to buy a ps3 slim even though they already own a ps3. as you may or may not know sony is in alot of money problems right now so it would make sence to sell as many ps3 fats as they can cause most of the people buying them at a 400$ will more than likely RE buy the ps3 slim when its out, thus getting another 400$ out of one person twice for the same device. sony should wait till they sell 40 mil fat ps3s before making the ps3 slim is what im saying, that way the 40 mil dumbasses (impulse buyers)that bought a ps3 at 400$-600$ will see the new ps3 slim and buy it. but i kind of did overstate it cause really when you think about it the dumbass impulse buyers are the ones that bought a ps3 within its first 2 years of being out. people buying it now really dont care.

GameForFame3600d ago

We knew this was coming - the leaked photos, confirmed by the PSP-GO/Box and the official mention of cutting the cost of production down and making a more "efficient" updated version of the console. It was coming, we all knew it, this is it and I think when it is seen more and seen in the flesh most will actually grow to like the design. More modern looking than the "phat" Ps3 and when stood/placed right next to one, most of you will agree. Yes, I have seen one.

The real question though would be; was this intentional? The early leaking? I sometimes wonder (as do many I know) if some of these leaks from Sony aren't intentional - like, hyping up the hype - who really knows though.

Sony are a clever bunch.

Raz3600d ago

Sony's already losing money on the regular PS3, and yet everyone seems to think they'd spend (and charge) more for a slim-line SKU? Why wouldn't they just put that $$ into development for the PS4?

Honestly, it isn't like the regular PS3 takes up THAT much space. What difference would an anorexic model make? Common sense, ppl - use it.

nnotdead3600d ago

i agree this is most likely a fake. Sony would be able to drop the price of a slim model. the slim would have smaller/cheaper parts.

why would Sony only concentrate on the PS4 when they have a machine that sells? sure its not doing Wii numbers, but in world sales it keeps up with the 360.

da720izcumin3600d ago

"Honestly, it isn't like the regular PS3 takes up THAT much space. What difference would an anorexic model make? Common sense, ppl - use it."

you're probably knew at this.
so, I am not going to make it long. but take it from me, exotic new models help increase sales.

if you need PROOF look @ DSL, DSi, psp slim, psp3000, ps1+ps2 slim.
all have resulted in increase in sales while providing greater usability.

ajeben8093600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

and its too early for a slim...

cherrypie3600d ago

It doesnt really matter if they sell a "slim unit" - it better be below $300 or they're wasting their time.

Walmart is already selling a $99 BR player... expect the $69 BR player by Xmass.

Sony needs to start a price-war or they might as well forget it and move to PS4 as fast as possible.

Syronicus3599d ago

My father went out and bought that BD player from WalMart when it was 139 and later brought it back in exchange for the PS3. Why? Because not all BD players are built the same and that cheap one is pathetic. It could not even decode a decent color gamut and looked muddy as heck. When I brought over my PS3 and showed him just how well the PS3 handled BD's, he immediately packed that cheap BD player up and exchanged it.

I know the general public may not be aware of this and how some BD players are junk but in any case, you get what you pay for and if you are paying too little at this time for a BD player, there is a good chance it is not nearly as good as the one found in the PS3.

Qui-Gon Jim3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Even if the video and the item are real, this is obviously black market. Sony hasn't even announced the thing yet, they are not going to release it to be sold by STREET VENDORS IN THE PHILIPPINES. It was probably stolen from a warehouse and so the price reflects only what the seller thinks people will pay.

I still expect that the slim will either be cheaper than the "fat" or will be accompanied by a price drop. Whatever some of us want to believe, Sony is smarter at business than a bunch of random people on the internet (including me), and they know that with price being their biggest problem, releasing a more expensive version would only get criticism. The other possibility i see is, if Sony is happy with PS3 sales already (it actually is selling pretty well), they could release the slim at the same price, but it might not lose them as much money.

Alvadr3599d ago

Come on. That phillipines video is a blatent knock off.. Yeah while im sure the PS3 slim will come this year I highly doubt that that video

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shocky163600d ago

"This doesn’t officially confirm anything, right now. Could he be having fun with the GT forum members? It’s a possibility, but I’m leaning towards more the direction that the system is real and that the Philippine system is just a very early leak."

Somebody PLEASE tell me how out of all places in the world a PS3 slim would end up in the Philippine's first? Plus the guy 'selling' it is obviously lying saying things like "it's only just been released"

At the end of the day all this is doing is hurting PS3 console sales..

LordMarius3600d ago

An employee was laid off from the company that makes those Slim, he becomes angry and decides to steal a Slim, no where to go he goes back to the Philippines were his family lives, without a job he decides to sell the Slim

sunil3600d ago

black market is huge in the third world countries

Hutch23553600d ago

for fakes. I am sure its coming, but I dought this is it. I am still wondering why the slim would sell like crazy if it has now new features, and sells for the same or more.... People want a price drop not a blow out of old stock on hand.

solar3600d ago

still needs a price cut.

ELite_Ghost3600d ago

just bring that killzone/mgs4 bundle to the slim and u won't need a price cut.

TheDeadMetalhead3600d ago

Sony will cut the price when they're ready.

maverick11913600d ago

it wont be more than the normal ps3 thats for sure yeah £250/$250 sounds good and if they do sell it this holiday season for christmas you can expect big numbers cant wait i'll be getting one anyway

HarukoHex3600d ago

considering a slim blu-ray player cost on average over 200$. there is no way the whole system will only cost 250, 400-450 seems right. and thats with the fat going down to 299-350.

JonnyBigBoss3600d ago

I'll buy 3 more PS3's if they drop $100. Seriously, it'll be like the Model-T. Everybody will own and love one.

sunil3600d ago

i cant afford 3, but 1 atleast for sure. For the road :)

HarukoHex3600d ago

still don't love my ps3, and most of the great games that where hyped were let downs to me. MGS1,2,3 and port opps were great games 4 just was lacking. along with motorstorm. the only game on my ps3 i really enjoy is little big planet. other then that nothing much. atleast till FF13V

kaveti66163600d ago

I don't think you should be allowed to buy that many. From your comment you strike me as a guy with lots of money to burn. When the PS3 slim hits retail stores it will probably sell out very quickly, and it wouldn't be fair to all the people who have been saving up money for a PS3, only to have some rich white boy (if that's you in your avatar) like you come along and snatch up as many as you want.

Let some other people buy it. From one side PS3 fanboys tell everyone who doesn't have one to go buy it, and then they go and buy 2 or 3 or even 4, thus making it impossible for the very people they told to buy it, to be able to buy it.

aaronisbla3599d ago

WTF are you rambling on about? ( don't take that offensively )? its not like he is gonna buy a whole stores worth of ps3s, geez, most likely the guy is kidding...

kaveti66163599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

You guys think he's kidding but what if he's not. I have seen people buy 4 PS3s the day it launched. People camped out for a day or two to get them and imagine how heartbreaking it is to be standing in line for 12 hours, freezing your ass off, and to see some fool walk out with 4 PS3s stacked on top of each other in a shopping cart. And you think to yourself, "What the f*ck is this guy doing? Oh, well, I don't care, I only need one." And then as soon as you think that the store manager comes outside and tells everyone they have no more PS3s.

That happened, okay? People got into fights and beat each other up and shot each other up over the PS3. Hell, some internet geeks actually bought one at launch and destroyed it with a sledge hammer in front of the whole crowd that was waiting to get one.

All I'm saying is that people who do things like that are very selfish. A lot of people are anticipating the launch of the product so it should be limited to one per customer, and yet the store managers didn't have enough sense to enforce that rule.

Fine, he might be joking, but if he's not, then he is an ass.

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