Bioware Ready To Expose PS3 Advantages With Upcoming Titles HipHopGamerShow 7/12/09

1. G4TV's Raymond Padilla Guest Stars On Gamers In The Street
2. Bing Search Engine To Hit Xbox360 Dashboard?
3. Game Review – The Punisher: No Mercy (6 out of 10)
4. Jay-Z Scared to go on DJ Whoo Kid's Show
And Much More Enjoy The Show

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N4PS3G3601d ago

Hiphopgamer Ready to create more BS with upcoming shows 7/12/09

egm_hiphopgamer3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

oh really creating more BS. wow thanks for the comment i never thought BS can get so much attention lol. subscribe to my new channel for more BS as well ok man show god bless peace

N4PS3G3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

1.English please

2.The Dramatic Squirrel gets more attention in youtube and its still a Squirrel.

3.Politics = Bullshit and they get attention

4.Don't think so high of yourself lol

Ziriux3601d ago

He kind of got you there N4P.

To HHG, yea BS has been getting attention for the last 15 years lol. It's the way the world goes.

HDgamer3601d ago

And can't ever do what HHG does. Talk to developers, get games early, go to conventions with said developers all paid expenses and be a gamer.

Ninji3601d ago

But he still made a really good point.

ChrisGTR13601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

hhg is alright but, lol, it looks like all those flaimbait headings hes done for the longest time have finally cought up to him. just about everyone on here hates him now cause of it. just when he finally stopped doing the offensive titles. its too late, lol, everyone told you to stop like a year ago but you didnt listen till this month. well the titles and also the fact that you hijack the system to approve what ever news you want.

hhg i dont think you should really "review" games, maybe just talk about em or make a preview with no score, its a conflict of intrest to review games since you did get them free so are inclined to say stuff like 'omg its the best game ever!' since a negative review would stop them from sending you future games know what i mean?

N4PS3G3600d ago


1.Hiphopgamer also prefers one console shut up really. Don't try to cover the sun with one finger,just look at every single headline..jeez

2. I don't need to do anything like that to be a gamer. I have my own opinions and those are the ones that count to me.

3. At least I'm true to my self .. i don't go trying to be the unbiased warrior when I'm not ..*cough* HHG * cough* .... i prefer one console ..and so does everyone .. i don't go pretending like someone else ;)

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ptotoy3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

I live and die for Hip Hop
This is Hip Hop for today
I give props to Hip Hop so Hip Hop hooray...

this show would be a lot cooler if this is the show's theme song.

the punisher review was spot

yo, HHG, my man, when you interview the hot n4g mod again?

DelbertGrady3600d ago

yo yo thx for the support everyone 1 luv and god bless im hiphopgamers younger brother tokenblackman pz

for more incoherent drivel and stereotypical hiphop behaviour be sure to visit my new site at

Claudinho693601d ago

damn this show is crazy right now

HarukoHex3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

God more trash. how does this stuff even get approved?

whats the ironic part, you trying to say i approve stories when i can't even approve them?

FF7numbaone3601d ago

funny you would say something like that, with the amount of fanboy articles that get approved.

Max Power3601d ago

if you click on info you can see all who approved it, and if you click on those members, they only sign on to approve very select few articles, primarily hiphopgamer, gamesonsmach, the koalition, and maybe one more. But clearly they are only signed on to to approve their own, or their friends articles regardless of the quality.

FF7numbaone3601d ago

Why act surprise this is the norm at N4g. BS gets approved at n4g 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I'm suppose join the bandwagon and hate HHG?

Its a never ending cycle with you guys and hiphopgamer. Your protesting never get anywhere. All you guys do is promote his name.

If you really hated hiphopgamer you would boycott his articles and comments.(no offense to HHG, maybe he likes the negative energy)

HarukoHex3601d ago

I would rather just insult him and have my fun. i don't care if someone actually reads him and likes him. i don't like him and I can say so. thats the power of the net my friend.

Double Toasted3601d ago

I'm sure you like looking the part of a...loser.

FF7numbaone3601d ago

lol you my friend are immature. Just because you can say something does not mean you should say it.

You basically just prove that most HHG haters are trying their hardest to get noticed and to not stop HHG from posting.

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