Wii Sports Resort Review

Button Masher writes: "Wii Sports Resorts contains significantly more content than the original did. Though, you would expect as much considering you have to actually pay for this one. Where the first only had five activities, Wii Sports Resort has twelve different types of activities, and most of these are split into several varieties. For example Swordplay has three modes, one where you try and knock you opponent off a platform, one where you try and slice various objects in the right direction (you try and beat your opponent to it) and one where you go through various levels beating up on a whole bunch of Mii's. Though many are fairly similar, there are twenty four different activities all up. Because this title is largely a sum of its parts, I will go through each of the activities separately."

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Hutch23553601d ago

I figured it would be ok, but nothing special. The motion plus, that I have with the Tiger Woods game, doesn't really impress me. I think the technology should have been there from the begining. I don't think I will buy this game, sword fight, ok, frisbee, nah, these games don't appeal to me. Sorry. I loved the first sports game, but meh on this one.