TalkXbox: Fuel Review

TalkXbox writes: "Again, Fuel is just a poor game no matter how you try and look at it. There's a fair amount of content here, but it's not good. I can't imagine anyone seeing this game through to full completion. Multiplayer won't save it either; a week after the game's launch, I found less than five people were playing online, all of them alone in their match, and I couldn't successfully connect to any of them. It's a game design that just doesn't fit together. Why not just ditch the open world and focus on the physics and tracks? Why do you locate liveries for your cars by finding them out in the wild instead of, say, earning cash and purchasing them? With some tweaks and a bunch more polish, Fuel could have been a multi platform answer to Motorstorm. As it stands, it's just a sloppy game, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone".

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ptotoy3602d ago

because it was limtied by the crapbox