NeoTokyo: Is There Such a Thing as a JFPS?

The author of this article first explains what NeoTokyo is and questions whether there could be such a genre as the JFPS. Thematically, NeoTokyo is set around the advent of Japanese transhumanism, so lovers of anime such as Ghost in the Shell, Akira and the like will be right at home with the visual aesthetic. Indeed, there are certain in-game machines and "gynoid" pieces that may set little bells of recognition ringing in your head.

The article should serve as an introduction to anyone interested in trying out NeoTokyo while asking a number of good questions to further discussion of the genre.

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StillGray3598d ago

It's really not that bad. Buggy, perhaps, but it has much room for improvement.

StillGray3598d ago

This game's right up my alley. It gave off a pretty strong Deus Ex-ish vibe that just about captured my interest the moment I played it.

TheBand1t3598d ago


Just call it an FPS you nubs.

evrfighter3598d ago

I guess im just a wfps gamer

bankai3598d ago

japan can make whatever the hell they want. and JFPS is not a genre of games, just like JRPGs and WRPGs are not genres of games. however RPG and FPS is are genres of games.

CobraKai3598d ago

I dunno, playing a Japanese RPG feels very different from a western rpg. Different enough to create a sub genre of sorts. But I haven't seen a FPS that feels different enough to warrant a sub genre. I think fighting games do come close though.

free2game3653598d ago

The people who made this mod were from Texas, GG

Kurylo3d3598d ago

haha yea for real. Doesnt change though that they put in a lot of work and this mod is just an awesome game to play.

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