Michael Jackson Game Unlike Any Other?

A new Michael Jackson game was confirmed earlier this morning, but very few details about the project were released. Now it's revealed the game was to be as big as one of Jackson's albums.

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RememberThe3573599d ago

That's freakin awesome! We'll have to wait and see what it has become. But if David Perry is exited about it so am I.

hay3598d ago

Yeah, can't wait to see what it can offer. I hope for the best.

Lykon3599d ago

with anticipation of this game. im sure he was far kinder to any children than he was naughty, that negroid kid who made the accusation initially did alright out of it, he is gay and effeminate and rich of someone elses money who deserved it. If Mj did it then it was an expensive weener rub for a worthless trailor trash rent boy, i mean ffs if he was a pedo he could have had throw away poor kids imported from 3rd world countries like every else. I know ugly elderly homosexuals who hang around with those oriental boys, it seems orientals will go with anything european, but there are always so many family needing operations. but anyway right, i love mj music and i hope this game is good, and not just a pile of fat businessmans wank x

-MD-3598d ago

"my tight virgin anus pulsates like a 12" sub woofer"

That's a new one.

ZOMBIEMAN13598d ago

hold on for a minute ( goes to payphone and calls Dr. Phil )

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