Ralph Baer interview with

First of all, for those that don't know who Ralph Baer is, he is The Father of Video Games. Check out his website and see what he has done in his life. Mr. Baer is an accomplished inventor, author and even a diplomat of sorts (had he not pioneered gaming like he did do you really think that Alexey Pajitnov would have created Tetris?). It truly is an honor to have been given an audience with a man of Mr. Baer's respected position in history. He was born in 1922 in south-western Germany, came to the US in 1938 with his parents and syster through Holland and in 1940 graduated from National Radio Institute (NRI) with a diploma for radio service technician. Just to warm you up for some of the stuff he has done, he created Simon (remember that? It is still selling going on 30 years after it was first released)

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