Top 5 - Best Game Engines

Badassgamer: "The heart is the body's engine, responsible for pumping life-sustaining blood via really, really long vessels. The organ works ceaselessly and tirelessly at all times. It's an amazing part of our anatomy and is really the sole reason we are kept alive and well - In this article I'll be listing the top 5 'hearts' of the gaming, what are the best game engines currently pumping all that sustaining tech into our games?"

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MaximusPrime3601d ago

totally agreed with #1. it is the game im eagerly waiting to play. :)

shocky163601d ago

But it needs moar CryEngine imo.

DeadlyFire3601d ago

No CryEngine 1 or 2? No Geomod 2.0 engine? No Source engine? Plus many more engines. Few Dated maybe like Source, but good enough for Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 it seems.

Killjoy30003601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

I wish people appreciated how incredible Criterion's Burnout engine was back when it was released. The ammount of meticulous detail in such a large enviornment was incredible, especially when you factor in the 60 frames per second. Not to mention the lighting engine was upgraded in a previous update.

beardtm3601d ago

meh, someones obviously a playstation lover.

unreal engine should be higher than 5th place as mass effect was stunning at times.

What about Call of Duty's engine? not only did it look great it also ran better than most games at near 60fps constant.

And where is capcoms game engine? Resi 5 is the best looking game to date, so i dont see why that is not in the list.

As for Killzone, blurry looking, obviously sub HD, and poor use of LOD it doesnt deserve to be in the top 5.

And Naughty Dogs engine, with it poor use of LOD and overall cartoony look, also shouldnt be in the top 5.

top 5 should be.

1. Capcoms engine (used in Resi 5 and lost planet)
2. Call of Duty engine
3. Unreal Engine
4. Ubisoft Montreal Engine
5. Fear engine

Erotic Sheep3601d ago

*points and laughs at beardtm*

I'm not even gonna bother....

Killjoy30003601d ago

You're probably the first multiplatform fanboy I've ever seen lol. That's one sad little list you have there.

SnuggleBandit3601d ago


ok show me a better looking game on the 360 than uncharted 2 or killzone 2

you can't, thats the sad thing. you are down to making up false statements and bull crap. Killzone 2 blurry?? uncharted cartoony?? if its so cartoony show me a more realistic looking game on any console

take your trolling that way >>>>>

Tarasque3601d ago

Well, this article fails due too. The fanboy should have said "Best graphical engine's", then i would agree. Good engine's should be based on quality titles that have been released for that engine to show it's flexability.

a_squirrel3601d ago

it does need a little cryengine in there

Mu5afir3600d ago

It should have been mentioned, and Unreal should have been kicked off the list.

y0haN3600d ago

lol @ beardtm

Killzone 2's engine is 'Sub HD' (runs at 1280x720) and Call of Duty engine (runs at 1024x600 on PS3+Xbox360).. gg

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

wow you are in 100% troll mode. Whose fault is it that the best looking console engines are on the ps3?

you need to go to a gamestop and try killzone 2 or uncharted 1, because you obviously havent. for your info both of those games offer things your list of 5 doesnt. As far as your statement for killzone 2 being blurry, its funny you say that cuz i was just playing it on elite. You seriously need to get your eyes checked out, or get a tv with a better image that doesnt blur during action sequences.

quality > quantity.

your list is an embarrassment. try again. but please try harder next time

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AntMad3601d ago

completely, but I'd have the Dead Space engine somewhere there, other than that..excellent list.

agreed 100% with #1

PS360DS3601d ago

Yes, I'd definitely have Dead Space up there as well, game looks amazing.

Ubuntula3601d ago

Dead Space was awesome!

CestusGOWIII3601d ago

I still need to get that game, dead space...looks like I'm missing out, RE5 was pretty boring IMO, maybe dead space would be more survival horror.

Dark_Vendetta3601d ago

Dead Space is running on Unreal Engine 3, so --> #5

NarFan3601d ago

Dead Space use The Godfather game engine

Marcelles253601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )


it runs on the godfather engine

crap NarFan beat me to it

Dark_Vendetta3601d ago

Yea you're right, just googled it. Seems like it was a rumour proven as wrong. Sorry

edhe3601d ago

I think it may have started on ue

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iNetWatch3601d ago

This makes some very good points. Uncharted 2 is freaking awesome!

bmatthews3601d ago

Great read, however what about the Mafia II engine? I think from what I've seen of that it's pretty impressive.

CestusGOWIII3601d ago

Mafia 2 looks awesome, but are you sure it's top 5 quality?

bmatthews3601d ago

looks mind blowing no doubt!

Ubuntula3601d ago

sure does, best looking console game I've seen in ages.

CestusGOWIII3601d ago

Uncharted 2 and God of War III are the best graphics IMO

Defectiv3_Detectiv33601d ago

That engine is soooo outdated. Valve need to come up w/ something different already.