A trip down memory lane with Splinter Cell

Msxbox-World takes a close look at the very first Splinter Cell game with a rather informative action video. Well worth checking out if you're all about nostalgia. A lot has changed since November 2002.

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Grown Folks Talk3605d ago

& play from time to time, but it's hard to play the 1st 2 after you've played the pinnacle in Chaos Theory. Conviction looks as if it may challenge for the throne.

ShadesMoolah3605d ago

It's one of those game that should be kept, regardless whether it gathers dust or not.

lokin3605d ago

agreed man. Splinter Cell, when it came out, blew my mind. And in my opinion another stealth franchise that people should own if they love all this stealth awesomeness is the Thief series. Cannot wait for Conviction and Thief 4

ShadesMoolah3605d ago

I love Garrett...oops did I just say that out loud!?!