Uncharted 2 Single Player Campaign is Ready, Missing Difficulty Tuning

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves doesn't even have a release date yet, but according to Evan Wells, Co-President of Naughty Dog, it can already be played in full – all that is missing is difficulty tuning.

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Rainstorm813410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

Late Sept - Early Oct Release Date

and i will be there to get my copy and destroy every difficulty level they put on there. Uncharted DF was fun on Crushing difficulty.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

the first game was amazing. A true next gen title. classic. must own

The second is set to be the end all and definite answer in terms to graphics/gameplay comparisons. back when the ps3 was hated with a passion, uncharted didnt get the score it deserved because of lack of multiplayer. It will be interesting to see the reviews now with the mp mode.

meepmoopmeep3410d ago

i once thought Crushing was impossible in Uncharted

after getting 5 Plat trophies it's small cakes.
i hope the next one is more challenging or at least the same as Crushing.

Cwalat3410d ago

@top post, lloyd...
Most agreeable comment of the year.

Also, i'd just like to say.. Naughtydog are truly the greatest developers of all time, their sheere passion for what they do is unmatched, i sincerely(?) hope this industry changes in how the income is spread. Developers should earn more money. ESPECIALLY Naughtydog, if it weren't for those guys.. i can honestly say that i would've probably jumped off the gaming cycle for quite some time now.

If the only thing that remains is polishing Uncharted 2 and putting in difficulty settings, then wow... It must really not be far away from release, since the polish work is already been proven to take effect (just look at the uncharted 2 graphical upgrade articles). I truuuly hope we see it around October.

If they announce a limited edition for well over 100$ i would buy it JUST for the sake of my love towards Naughtydog.

Can't Wait!

Playa79703410d ago

during the beta i was lucky to run into christopher balestra co-president of naughty dog and spoke to him about the games progress and when it will release and even though he didnt want to confirm it he did mention it would be around november

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Cunnin-English3410d ago

Late September doesnt seem so farfetched anymore, i mean once the second multiplayer beta has been wrapped up and Naughty Dog have undergone some vigorous playtesting to make sure every loose end is tied up nicely then it shouldnt be to far of being released...

jack_burt0n3410d ago

I was ready for 2 as soon as i got platinum on 1, problem is I want 3 already >_< and the movie on bluray

JonnyBigBoss3410d ago

Epic. I hope Uncharted 2 sells REALLY well. I really liked the Naughty Dog guys at E3.

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