Why Final Fantasy VII Is The Best JRPG Ever

A poll was conducted on Limit Break to determine which is the best JRPG of all time. Final Fantasy VII took a clear first place spot as Limit Break's choice for the title. In a close second was the SNES classic Final Fantasy VI, a game famous for it's ambitiously large cast and one action packed trip to the opera. Ultimately though, Cloud, Tifa, and Sephiroth came out on top.

So what makes Square's magnum opus, a game that arguably brought JRPG gaming to the mainstream, so unforgettable?

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StillGray3411d ago

Easily. I just picked it up from PSN to play on the PS3 again. Good times.

N4Sony3411d ago

but people need to take FFVI's influence on the game more seriously when considering the greatest RPG of all time. Yes, VII blew up the genre, but alot of what VII did in terms of presentation, story and atmosphere was created in FFVI, a game alot of other people consider the greatest RPG of all time.

I honestly believe, despite all of it's greatness, VII is a bit overrated. Still, I've played and beat it a good 10-15 times haha.

StillGray3411d ago

Personally I find VI to be a better game but VII is easily creditable for being the game that brought RPGs to the mainstream. It was a very niche genre before the popularity of FFVII skyrocketted it into the clouds. Pardon the pun. ;)

iamtehpwn3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

But after Final Fantasy XIII is finished.
There's no point of making XV (15) immediately.

I think it'll happen. Kitase seemed very excited about the idea when questioned.

meepmoopmeep3411d ago

i'm almost finished a replay of it on psp

and i can see why it's one of the best JRPG's ever made.

it just has so much packed into it for its time

leila013411d ago

Still my number one game uptill this day.

Bnet3433411d ago

FFVII was good, but my favorite RPG is Pokemon GSC. I also liked Legend of Dragon better than any other RPG on PS1.

JsonHenry3411d ago

I think the original Xeno Gears was hella better than FFVII..

ThanatosDMC3411d ago

Meh... i like FF8 better. But then again i played FF8 first.

Poopface the 2nd3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

as its the only JRPG that ive ever finished. Only tried a few other like mario-RPG, FF8 and 10, but they bored me. I also hated the voices in 10. for someone who HATES with a capital HATES JRPGs, this is my 3rd favorite game ever(only behind HL1 and DEUS EX as im a FPS kinda guy, ever since killing barney in wolfinstine 3d at my buddies house).

It has the story, characters, weapons, materia system, Beautiful pre rendered backgrounds taht Id call art, and some of the most memorable music ive ever heard in a game. Not to mention a talking dog-lion thing taht made me want to cry.

Prototype3410d ago

FF7 was the first PlayStation game I've played and was by far the best until I discovered Metal Gear Solid, Einhander, and Rival Schools.

However I was able to play Final Fantasy 3/6 and there were a few things 7 could have taken from 6 that would have made it even better; however I do like how 7 went into a new direction instead of trying to copy a previous version.

JoySticksFTW3410d ago

FFVI is my favorite rpg, with Kefka probably my favorite video game character of all time (though Solid Snake may have something to say about that)

RememberThe3573410d ago

So I never play FF7 when I was a kid. I started at FF8 and never went back and played FF7.

I saw this on the PSN and I was thinking of picking it up. I know most of you guys love FF7 but is FF7 really that good or is a lot of it nostalgia?

JoySticksFTW3410d ago

And you can't beat getting it for $10.

But yeah, it's a gaming milestone

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Natsu X FairyTail3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

this was my piff back in primary school!!!!

I used to come @ school with my FF7 & Crash Bandicoot Booklets and Start Braging off to the other kids who only had N64( I had both)

like ; Yeah I beat this boss have you? Did you meet him or him?have you done this summon or not?

One of the biggest Rpg I've played as a kid.

StillGray3411d ago

FFVII was like the game that defined the childhood of many RP gamers, and I can totally relate. When Advent Children was released I was ecstatic but also anxious because I didn't know if Square would be able to create something that lived up to the expectations of everyone. Thankfully... it was awesome!

Prototype3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

In high school I was the only kid to have Master summon, Omni Slash, and a Gold Chocobo; oh and I was also the first to beat it without using Knights of the Round on final Sephiroth. Also the first to beat Emerald Weapon WITHOUT underwater materia, but had to use an exploit (not an action replay, but a known trick) to beat Ruby with all 3 characters.

I usually don't brag but this was one game that did test my limits as a gamer back then

qface643411d ago

yeah its really just opinion its a good game but i wouldn't call it the best jrpg ever

my personal opinion goes to hmm well honestly i haven't a clue maybe id choose dragon quest 8 it was a real good time

Jager3411d ago

FF7 is one of my favorite JRPGs... i still have the CDs, in great condition, and play it every now and then with my PS3... but i'd have to say i liked FF10 more, barely.

Sexius Maximus3411d ago

I played and beat FF10, and think it probably is a hair better then FF7. However, the encounter rate was atrocious on 10, and completely ruined the game for me. You couldn't take 3 steps without fighting. It may have taken 80 hours to beat, but 65 of it was fighting. Thats why FF6 is still king in my book.

double_heist3411d ago

FFVII is a good game, not the best but nonetheless good.

It's actually the only JRPG (or RPG and not including Pokemon) that broke 10m. It's probably the most marketable JRPG out there and same with the series.

FFVII somehow introduced RPG to the world actually. :P

StillGray3411d ago

FFVII introduced so many of us to JRPGs, and even RPGs in general. Square really managed to pull off a great game.