Darksiders PS3 Box Art & New Screenshots Released

With THQ's Darksiders finally readying itself for release at the end of the year, the publisher has released the final design of the PLAYSTATION 3 box art, alongside some brand new screenshots. The box art is similar to that which has been released before, but shows the definitive drop of the previously suggested subtitle "Wrath of War".

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callahan093476d ago

That's a very cool cover art. I like it.

Jaces3475d ago

Keeping a close eye on this one. Looks good from what I've seen and the box art is neat. :D

kratos1233476d ago

when i first so i it i thought damn this looks almost like the art of kratos vs the barbarian just google it and you will see

dorron3475d ago

This game is looking pretty cool.

Even reviewers are talking great things about it.

If everythings allright, this might be the unexpected great game of the year.

Rainstorm813475d ago

Since i dont play the Wii, this could give that zelda esque gameplay (open world with dungeons). Surprise of the year indeed