AvP: Gaming's Deadliest Rivalry

Digital Spy writes:
"The war between science fiction's most profitable extraterrestrial races has raged across multiple media for almost three decades now. Beginning as a series of comics in 1990, the Aliens vs Predator franchise has since spawned three novels, two blockbuster movies and even a line of action figures, but their definitive battles have taken place in video games.

In 1994, developer Rebellion turned the crossover concept into one of the decade's most atmospheric first-person shooters with the Atari Jaguar exclusive AvP. The game may not have been enough to save the ill-fated console from silicone hell, but its legacy remained strong within the genre, influencing the studio to revisit the series in 1999.

Seemingly, you can't keep a good franchise down. Early next year, the developer will attempt to build on its success with 1999's AvP with a brand new title of the same name. But are there any avenues left to explore within this universe, or is Rebellion merely flogging a dead Xenomorph?"

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Tsar4ever013438d ago

I'm glad that REBELLION, the AVP originators are on this latest project, but after seeing some of the footage. I'm alittle turned off, at the predator melee kill, when he pulls the marine head/spine out his husk. That may look cool and all, but will that happen EVERYTIME is my concern. It looks cool as a stealth kill, And WHy is the marine's always facing you when you do it? What about in the heat of CONTACT with multiple enemies attacking you. It would look REALLY stupid for the predator to do something like that in the middle of big fight against multiple attackers or in multiplayer.

And I'm also concerned about the ALIEN XENO, The Rebellion rep made a statement about the alien being more CAUTIOUS and SMARTER this time about how to deal with the predator. Does that mean the alien RESPECT or maybe even FEAR the predator this time? THAt footage of the aliens inner teeth rod being snapped off by the predator hand. That so PREPOSTEROUS!! If the alien would've gotten that close to the predator, It would've been all over for the predator anyway. Where did this silly idealology that the alien xeno was STUPID BRUTE of a creature come from anyway? I'll tell you where, The movie ALIENS and The comics books that followed after!! And I read alot of 'em and I know first hand that most of those comic writers are generally pretty bias in their story telling and not nearly enough informative about the creatures themselves. Mostly favoring the Predator species. Especially making up these stupid Predator/human alliances against the alien scenarios. JAMES CAMERON, the director of ALIENS himself has admitted that his version of the ALIEN was different(*DUMBED DOWN, IMO)than of the Alien of Ridley Scott's movie. Enough of the promotional posters showing the predator holding up a alien and human by the neck CRAP! Cuz a alien xeno would've TOTALED BOTH species than pasted both of them on the wall for impregnation by then.

ChozenWoan3438d ago

the xenomorphs are really good at tactics and organization. To be able to capture prey alive so that they can make more xenomorphs is genius. Rarely is their objective to kill as they don't seem to need to eat. And since they rely on semi to highly intelligent beings for hosts, it makes since for them to be able to match them on an intellectual level.

As good an IP as the Aliens/Predator universe is, it's sad that a decent game has yet to truely capture it's greatness. Especially since the movie "Alien" came out around 30 years ago.