What The BBPS Wants in Dead Space 2

Adam from the BBPS writes: Last year we were given a rather spectacular survival horror title that had all the scares, gore, and strategic dismemberment gamers could handle. That little gem was Dead Space, and after its critical and commercial success we are guaranteed to see a follow-up. Because no game is perfect, and since Visceral Games has a lot to live up to here are a few things I would like to see in the next one. So read on dear reader, for what I want changed, added, and what I think needs to stay the same in Dead Space 2.

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ELite_Ghost3385d ago

A more open game, meaning more space and that zero gravity thing. And of course more monsters. I kinda got tired of seeing the same 3 guys for 10 hours.
Netherless, it will be good.
And of course, co-op but idk if that would work.

interrergator3385d ago

u put coop in there and it wont be scary yea i agree about seeing the same dudes over and over again like u see them at the last level with a different color and much stronger

Cunnin-English3385d ago

I would like to see DeadSpace 2 set not only on a spaceship but also on a sprawling alien invested planet.. possibly the one where the original marker was found, not the man made one in the first game.

3385d ago