NowGamer: The Making Of Defender

NowGamer writes: "We chat to Eugene Jarvis on his ruthless arcade classic Defender

It's hard to imagine a time when every game – no matter how simple the concept – felt fresh and new. But it once existed. Take, for example, Defender, designed by gaming legend Eugene Jarvis. For the uninitiated (and if you're one such person, are you sure you're reading the right magazine?), Defender is a wraparound side-scrolling shooter, with a small cast of deviously designed enemies, and a defend-and-rescue theme. The aim is to stop Lander aliens making off with your small crop of humans, carelessly exposing themselves on the stark planet's surface. When a Lander snags a human, it rises to the top of the screen, consumes it, becomes a crazed Mutant, and comes after you. Lose all your guys and the planet explodes, driving the point home that you're rubbish and that Defender is one tough cookie."

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