ThenGamer: The History of the Xbox

NowGamer writes: "As the 360's horizon expands with Natal, NowGamer looks back at the history of its older brother

Twenty-four million. We shouldn't really treat gaming in the same way as sport, adding up sales and declaring a winner – after all, gaming is about entertainment, not number-crunching – but when you think back to the moment Microsoft decided to enter the console market and take on the might of Sony's PlayStation 2, you understand just why that figure is awe-inspiring."

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TheDeadMetalhead3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

[history]It failed hard.[/history]

Hellsvacancy3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

I was waitin 4 the Eastenders (Uk tv-soap) theme tune 2 kick in (if your not from the uk u wont get it)

Eastenders spells DISASTER

KionicWarlord2223389d ago

:The last game for the Xbox was made in 2008 and in March of this year, Microsoft finally ended support for its debut machine. But it will never be forgotten by us here on X360, and so we bow our heads and mumble a few words then leap for joy. Without the Xbox, our lives would be much poorer."

Double True!!!

green3389d ago

I had a great time on the xbox with games like Jet Set Radio,Halo,PGR,Crimson Skies,SWKOTOR,Jade Empire,Fable,Forza etc.It was a great console, too bad it was such a financial disaster.

KionicWarlord2223389d ago

Those games were amazing.

Crimsom skies needs to be made on xbox 360.

Natsu X FairyTail3389d ago

I'd like to see a New JET SET RADIO game on Xbox360 If they dont bring it Atleast XBL?

Beat my Dude!

Timesplitter143389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Without the Xbox, PC gaming would still be alive and kicking. Less watered-down with console-friendly ports too.

I loved PC gaming, and I'll never forget what the Xbox did to my precious baby.

So, no. Our lives wouldn't be much poorer. Not for all of us at least. Halo and most of the other Xbox exclusives would've been released for PS2 or PC, making more great games accessible to everyone. All the Xbox really did was to push online gaming on consoles, which is a good thing, but I'd gladly exchange it for my good old hardcore PC gaming. Online console gaming would've eventually been perfected anyway.

The xbox basically split everything up. Did it not? I'd like an answer to that.

Natsu X FairyTail3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

"Without the Xbox, PC gaming would still be alive and kicking. Less watered-down with console-friendly ports too."

smells like Hate to me plus PC gaming never was as Big or popular as Console gaming in the 1st place!

And PC gaming is still alive and kicking with games like WoW , Starcraft ,Diablo , CounterStrike , Unreal Tournament , Sims , Quake being played All over the world by Millions of users and Championships and Lan party every now and then.

Timesplitter143389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

"smells like hate to me"
It is. Hate can be justified.

"PC gaming never was as Big or popular as Console gaming in the 1st place! "
How is this important? Does that mean I can't enjoy PC gaming?

"WoW , Starcraft ,Diablo , CounterStrike , Unreal Tournament , Quake"
All of these games except WoW were released before the Xbox, which kinda proves my point. WoW is an MMO and MMOs haven't been working so well on consoles until now. That's why it's only on PC. PC gaming is basically reduced to MMOs and (some) RTS now.

I simply want you to answer this question : What did the Xbox do except splitting exclusives and pushing online gaming on consoles?

Kareshi_X3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Timesplitters your point was not even good.all you did was whine about the xbox taking over a big part of online gaming and having titles that are not on PC and ps2 and that you can't play them on your pc so you're pissed at Xbox for that.

nothing was splitted!

things just evolved. Your whole rent is like me saying ; well I'm mad at nintendo for going with phillips instead of sony because if Sony was still with them well Mario would be on my PS3 and mario would have more content thanks to blu-ray! nintendo splitted everybody and im mad .


edit @ times below:

what about the games that could have been on dreamcast but were made for to the ps2 instead? I could have kept my dreamcast instead of buying a PS2.this can go on and on without ever ending. stop focusing on the past and whinning about How I could have played this on this instead of this.It gets really annoying and really not man like. lol nothing was showed about Mechwarrir yet all we have seen is a simple trailer with like 5secs of in-game and to me it looked perfect. get over the past .

Timesplitter143389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

I still can't see how it's good for us that yet another console enters the market. Of course I'm pissed that I can't play all my favorite games on 2 systems instead of 3!

Halo, for example, was set to be released on the PS2 before MS bought it. Without the Xbox, we all could've played it without buying another system.

I simply don't see the logic behind it all. And how did it "evolve"? Was it for the better? Look at the new MechWarrior, for example. Now it looks like an action game, and that's because it has to be released on the X360 too and they have to simplify the whole game for controllers. If you reply, please tell me in detail why you think this is a good thing.

Natsu X FairyTail3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

''simply want you to answer this question : What did the Xbox do except splitting exclusives and pushing online gaming on consoles?''

What's the point of your question? This is like me asking What did Playstation ? do except taking Devs from the hands of nintendo and pushing DVD on gaming consoles?

Your qestion is not even a question worth asking since you'll always have something to reply to me until we both run out of bubbles.

so take make things short what did xbox do: It Made America be part of the video game industry which is worth Billions of dollar and taking over part of a market who is usually ruled by the japanese.

Maybe to you it havent done alot. but to american it's alot that's why american's shall keep supporting Xbox360 like Japanese do with the Nintendo and Playstation.

that's alot.

The xbox's game library is too similar to the Playstation's. so gaming types are specific to one console now? that's ridiculous! I might as well start saying Playstation's game library is too much like Nintendo's since they were the one to start making alot of Rpgs and Fighting games.

I'd like to finish this but this will go on and on untill I run out of bubbles(I only have 1 left) unless you bubble me up! ; ) jk jk

Timesplitter143389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

The glory of my country is irrelevant to my interests. I belong to ideologies, not to a random land where I was randomly born.

I guess this settles it, then.

EDIT : To answer your question : The Playstation had a totally different game library when compared to Nintendo. Playstation games were more mature and reached an older audience, but they were still different from PC games because they were simpler and often more story-oriented (japanese games). The xbox's game library is too similar to the Playstation's.

And by the way, America's contribution to gaming is already astronomical. Take Blizzard, for example. They're arguably the greatest devs to ever walk the Earth.

pippoppow3389d ago

PC devs saw the money allure to the promised console land and took a route which made their games console centric for the easy port. I know many 360 fans who most likely weren't into PC gaming in the 90s and just can't understand how todays PC games just do not push current PCs to the fullest, Crysis excluded and thats only for graphics. The new mechwarrior HD game could be an example of the design philosophy of catering to consoles if it doesn't have as many in-game control options and similar or superior play mechanics as 3&4. I know it's all about the money to most companies but I wish more Devs would make PC exclusive titles that would push what is possible on the PC. If they want to port a year later with less controls options and inferior graphics, etc then fine. Sure on one hand "dumbing" down the experience may be good for some as it allows more people to enjoy the game but not at the cost to PC versions. Look at Halo Wars. They decided to come out only on the 360 which is a smart move as many PC gamers would not have bothered. Sure many liked the game but PC gamers who know the fulll potential of RTS' would have seen it for what it is a watered down RTS for the masses and it wouldn't have sold much. Bottom line is now more people can enjoy some games that are on the PC and console and the Devs benefit with more money which is good on one end. But since PCs are much more powerful it is a shame more Devs forgo the money grab and try and make exclusives that would push gaming to new hieghts and experiences to rival the 90s.

sretlaw3389d ago

LOL. Go buy AMERICAN...LOL. What brand car do you drive? Cause you can't justify your answer no matter what. You drive an import, then you're "buy American" statement is null. You drive a domestic...then I feel bad for you.

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Apocalypse Shadow3389d ago

no bowing to them drop kicking sega when they were partners with dreamcast and their online push.

no bowing to microsoft dumping the xbox early(still got mine)and telling gamers to jump in or be left says the last games were made for xbox.but not by microsoft.they had already abandoned it.

no bowing to launching early and creating a defective console that they knew was not tested right and scratches discs.

no bowing to them stealing early CELL processor code to try to one up sony.

no bowing to them trying to keep rumble from ps3 by buying and supporting immersion just to gain MORE money back from the lawsuit.

no bowing to their support of inferior hd disc technology just to try and slow up sony and progress with bluray.

no bowing to high priced accessories,paying to play,peer to peer online,dvd technology and no hard drive included after including it the first time.

no bowing to proprietary hard drives and batteries.

no bowing to starting the trend of rushing games out that could use more work until it's done.

no bowing to starting the trend of multiple skus,systems with or without hard drive/with or without hdmi.those looking for future 3D games on 360 with component systems will be out of luck.just like those wanting DD but don't have hard drives.

and no bowing to starting the trend of expensive DLC because it doesnt fit on disc.

this line fits well from the article:

***Microsoft’s answer to most problems with the Xbox appeared to be to throw money at it.**

just like they do with exclusives.that statement fits like a might have been fun.even to this day with games like nfl2k5.but microsoft is an ANTI-GAMER company that has kept arrogance alive at the executive level and with their developers like turn-10.


apocalypse................... ...

KionicWarlord2223389d ago

Had to mention turn 10...


Natsu X FairyTail3389d ago

lol @ the whole post.

Bubbles down my dude.

TheDeadMetalhead3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

So, since nobody can argue with any of his points, you just disagree with him and take his bubbles? THAT is what's really sad. =/

Kareshi_X3389d ago

no bowing to starting the trend of multiple skus,systems with or without hard drive/with or without hdmi.those looking for future 3D games on 360 with component systems will be out of luck.just like those wanting DD but don't have hard drives.


multiple Skus for multiple types of gamers. Do you expect a five year old kid to play xbox360 with his dad's HDTV? no so you get him a arcade xbox360 and let him play on his small tv in his room.

really simple to understand.

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KionicWarlord2223389d ago

Wow .

Open zone is quiet.

What to do ..what to do..



Xbox 360 doing pretty darn good.

TheDeadMetalhead3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

The PS3 sold more consoles in its first two years than the 360 did in its first two years. The 360 is only winning right now because it has a one year headstart.

(That's right, I went there. ;o)

BRACHATTACK3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

have done very well this gen, and learned from the original xbox's mistakes.

People criticise MS, including me, but there is no denying that they revolutionised online play, and also put pressure on Sony to step up their game.

They are here to stay, so heres to another 10 years of competition and great games.

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