Top Ten Worst Endings in the Last 5 Years

Koku Gamer writes: "In gaming today, stories are a huge part of the experience, and the ending means a lot after your hours of effort to reach your final goal. However, sometimes your graft is not worth the results. Koku Gamer brings you the 'Top Ten Worst Endings in the Last 5 Years', to celebrate (or commiserate) the most recent disappointments in gaming. Remember, this is about endings, so expect spoilers."

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TheDarkCynic3388d ago

Agree with a bunch, but I think the original Fable needed to be in that top ten. FF 12 didn't exactly suck that hard. No more than most money grabbing ploys nowadays ;)

KyRo3388d ago

I agree with most of this list but Fahrenheit was one of the few games i bought and played it over and over because of its 3 endings.

RealityCheck3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Also agree with most of the list and your comment.

I think the latest Prince of Persia should have made the list. The ending alone almost made me regret having played the game.

SevWolf3388d ago

Am I the only one that actually liked( or didn't mind) the good Bioshock ending, the bad ones were pretty bad but the good one was actual..good :)

Chris3993388d ago

Hands down the lamest ending I've ever seen.

Synopsis: Kill the boss. "Let's get out of here!" Dive into an underwater tunnel, swim, surface. Ah, a sunset. Roll credits.

I'm not exaggerating. The whole thing took less than 30 seconds. Worst ending to a game, ever, far as I'm concerned.

stevenhiggster3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Definately Jericho should be on the list. It was terrible!
I was maybe one of the few who really liked the game and thats probably why it isn't on the list, but man the ending was clearly designed with a sequel in mind.

Killjoy30003388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Had by far the worst endinging I've ever seen. Here's how it went down.

After beating the Helicopter, you run across the tennis court to confront Gabe (who betrayed you). Oncde you move close enough to him, you sit frozen in first person and watch an in-game conversation between you and Gabe. After about 2 minutes of the most rediculously generic conversation you'll ever hear, you simply pull out your pistol and shoot him square in the face. Well, I shot him in the face with the Raging Bull, but the guy in the video didn't. It's definately the funniest ending ever. It tries so hard to be serious but fails miserably.

Roll credits.

Ziriux3387d ago

Come on now Killjoy, we all know no one plays Rainbow Six Vegas or any Rainbow game for the story.

Killjoy30003387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

Yeah I know, but I just found it hilarious. I was a legend in Vegas... Now the game is just dead, especially snce I've been playing the crap out of Killzone 2.

MEsoJD3387d ago

Bioshock should of been on the list.

The ending was alright

taco_tom2373387d ago

assassins creed should be on there

Jockamo3383d ago

Indigo Prophecy did have a stupid ending (although the sex scene was pretty sexy/beautiful)!

I would have to agree with the article's Dead Rising. Ugh...

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Fullish3388d ago

heh Knights of the Old Republic 2, almost out of the 5 years scope.

Ziriux3388d ago

Man, it's been a long time hasn't it. Bring on Kotor 3 please Bioware anyone?

Jager3388d ago

Heck, i want BioWare to release a fix for KoTor 1 and 2 for the PC so i can play it on vista... i have both of these gems that i loved playing on my xbox, yet i cant play the games cause of Vista...

SkyGamer3388d ago

I have Kotor 2 on 4 cd and I have it running on Vista x64 Home Premium. Try installing the latest patches.

Campy da Camper3387d ago

ya the end was sweet i think. on the hardest mode you get up and kill everyone then run outside and smoke dude in the wheelchair....that was of my proudest achievements I unlocked.

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Funqy3388d ago

Some of these games I hadn't played so I didn't read those/watch the vid, but the ones I did...I couldn't agree more.

Ziriux3388d ago

Aww you still havne't bought/played Bioshock, boo! It has a trippy ending. I think one of the best endings is in Assassin's Creed, many may not agree, but you have to give it credit at least they had a story line unlike most games on the Xbox 360.

Hellsvacancy3388d ago

I hated the endin (when Mr 47 dies) i sold it the very next day in utter disgust - but then 5 months later (talkin about it at work) sum dude told me that theres a different endin where Mr 47 gets up and kills every1 in the room it was SUCH a relief

saimcheeda3388d ago

didnt u finish the game?i mean did u get to the place where 47 is in the coffin and others are looking at him and the credits are rolling?

Hellsvacancy3387d ago

Yeah i did - he died - i cried - sold it - then i was told about the other endin - bought it again - did it like i was told and was really happy that i (Mr47) could get up and kill every1 in the room - i was REALLY happy :-)

saimcheeda3387d ago

yeah i was gonna tell u how to do that part but already know....when i got to the end i kept looking for a while then i got annoyed and started pressing buttons and then i found out that we have to get him to wake up!....:)

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Jorrel563388d ago

Dead Space should definitely be top 5 imo


what the hell are you talking about ? Dead space had as good an ending as you would expect from a survival horror.

Hellsvacancy3388d ago

Not sure y i had u on my ignore list but ive now taken u off it

Dead Space was a sick game - 1 of the BEST games ive played this gen the only disappointin things about the game was when it finshed

Poopface the 2nd3388d ago

except for the predictable zombie sitting right next to him part. I think it was supposed to scare you or make you speculate. I just thought it was dumb cause I saw it coming from a mile away.


@ Hellsvacancy

totally agree.

the biggest problem with Dead Space was that it had an ending. i just wanted it to go on and on and on...

what i would love to see is a dead space rpg... could they pull it off, mix rpg with sci-fi horror? i would love to see them try.

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JoeyC3388d ago

completely agree with KOTOR 2 being on that list.