Jaffe's 'Heartland' Was Response to President Bush

This article helps to shed light on just why Heartland got canned.
Whether or not you agree with Jaffe's views, this undeniably could have been an interesting take on an FPS.

Jaffe's cited a host of reasons why Heartland kicked the bucket, much of it stemming from Jaffe's fear of becoming involved in another game development time sink. Speaking to Newsweek, Jaffe explained Sony's mixed response to the project and how they hoped Jaffe would decide to make it for PlayStation 3:

"The game was very much a liberal person's response to the Bush administration and the war in Iraq. When I was entertaining lofty thoughts, the idea was to create an experience that would try to make the players--whom I mostly assumed would be of the Western world--feel what it must be like to have their own homeland occupied by another country."

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Silver3604203d ago

Sony would have had my money just to stick it to bush. And yeah I know he wanted to make it for the psp

Rybnik4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

I totally agree, man.

overrated4203d ago

Bush is a fuking moron, he can sUck my fuking bollocks.

i rule4203d ago

dems are brain donors i swear.. keep your left wing red diaper doper baby thoughts out of my games.. dems are the biggest group of collective wimps ever, may they all burn slowly in hell

Maddens Raiders4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

easy there, Mike Savage Jr.

I don't agree with the Dems either on a lot of things, but some I do...and yes I believe in responsible dissent and spirited liberalism (it's the foundation of America), but these people today [Repubs and Demo's] are not very different in principle as you may think.

I believe they are both a bunch of money hungry, stuffed suit, media whores. Neither one of the parties has done anything to stop out of control IMMIGRATION to this country nor closed the borders to OUTSIDERS. Why not????

In-fighting with each other is doing nothing but dividing further our GREAT nation. Please, let's leave the bile and name-calling to people that really want to do us harm. Like trhe Iranian leadership, Hugo Chavez, Al-Queda, and China.

We're Americans dammit. Handle it!


i rule4203d ago

i guess your proof that video games kill brain cells

Armyless4203d ago

It's bad enough we have to deal with Jack Thompson and a public at large wielding torches and pitchforks. Don't make me hate you Jaffe, I thought you were cool.

techie4202d ago

Ha. Overrated doesn't have brains...we're talking about Bush here. Give me a reason to believe Bush has a brain and maybe Ill believe you.

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