Out of Eight: Altitude Review

Out of Eight writes: "Altitude, n.: A state of mind or a feeling. Wait, what does that have to do with airplanes? Oh, sorry, wrong word. Altitude, n.: The height of a thing above a reference level. That's more like it. Yes, to fly! The dream of man and flightless bird alike! Yeah, I've used that quote before, but I like it, so back off, Negative Nancy! While most PC games involving planes tend to fall on the simulation side of things, Altitude takes its place squarely in the arcade realm. This is an action game that just happens to involve planes, as you pilot your way around 2-D levels in search of enemy hardware. That's right, I said 2-D, what of it? That retro charm will most certainly make Altitude easier to navigate and support the fast-paced gameplay of pure destruction we all desire. How does it all come together?"

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