ZAM: The Agency Interview

One of the bigger surprises that ZAM had at E3 was the playable demo that Sony Online Entertainment had for The Agency. While the demonstration restored their faith in the project, they still had a few questions that they had answered at the 2009 Fan Faire. They spoke with Senior World Designer Kevin O'Hara to gain a deeper understanding of what this game is all about.

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ColossiSlayer3388d ago

can create something deep and intriguing for PS3 owners the way they have on the PC.
I also hope they are not spreading themselves to thin with PS3 Free Realms, Agency & DC Universe and I think may even have another PS3 MMO in development as well.
I hope all the games are high wuality. I'm still getting Agency & DC Universe, the games could I have crap reviews. I love spies & the flash....