Pictures of Xbox 360 Dev Kit with 1GB RAM - 512MB Addon

Xbox-Scene received pictures of an Xbox 360 development kit with 1GB of RAM (as opposed to the 512MB found into retail consoles and dev kits until now).
While most might expect the extra RAM would just be higher capacity chips on the motherboard, it's not. The extra 512MB comes in the new sidecar.
What you can see on the pictures is just the 512MB-addon taken from inside the new devkit sidecar and modified/wired to be connected as standalone to a dev kit without the rest of the sidecar.

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DragonWarrior_43385d ago

I dont understand why they didn't just put 2 gigs of RAM period. Imagine how much bigger and better our games would be if it wasn't for the limited RAM and disc space the 360 has now.

kaveti66163385d ago

The extra 512 megabytes of RAM will probably be sufficient enough for the debug testing and the remaining 512 MB of RAM that all 360s have will be left for the game. 2 gigabytes is overkill for debug testing tools, especially for this gen of consoles.

On a side not, those add-ons make the dev kits looks so ghetto.

PotNoodle3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

and the current gen consoles wouldn't need 2gb of ram. Games for consoles are highly optimised for the hardware, and the consoles don't need to run anything else than the game, unlike a PC.

512MB dedicated video memory and 512mb dedicated system memory imo, would of been good. Even then, i don't think *that* much is needed for the consoles.

BattleAxe3385d ago

Thats going to cause way too much heat.

Godmars2903385d ago

Otherwise no one would be able to play the game?

vhero3385d ago

I dont think people really understand why the dev kits got 1GB RAM its so they can run the game + debugging tools it does not mean MS are releasing a 512MB addon for retail 360's. If you read the article you would know this. So instead of trying to be the first poster READ the article.

f7897903385d ago

They are given crazy processing power and nowhere to store the information. You can never have too much RAM, as it would allow even the stupidest developers to eliminate loading sections.

3384d ago
DarkAzureIIIX3384d ago

Tools can Speed up development time so you don't have to keep going to the computer to change something small that doesn't need to be compiled. This can be a big reason why the Xbox 360 is not being push to it true limits. Because before any tool that needed to run on the system had to share the memory as the main game. But the tools don't need to be in the retail game, So in the end the system is not max out by the game but the game plus the tools needed to speedup development time. So in about 6 to 18 month we should start to see a higher quality in X360 games

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Ninjamonkey823385d ago

What worries me more is the fact every time they think up off adding something new it costs us. I think things like this should have been in the console from day one. When these updates come along what does that mean for the existing xbox owner if the choose not to up grade. Oh sh*t i know the new games wont work.


There i draw the line.

outlawlife3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

your little rant made no sense

you should probably figure out how things work before posting again

this added ram has no impact on consumer xboxes, all it does is aid in debugging which speeds up developments and cuts costs

in the end this little chip will save you money now stop being a moron

dirthurts3385d ago

This is for DEVELOPERS only. So they can run test, and debug their games easier. Keeping more tools in ram speeds up development time.

This does not effect retail/consumer consoles at all. We will all be getting our good ol 512mb consoles. No 1gb systems will ship to consumers.

So calm down kiddy. Your still good.

stiggs3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

Yeah, you tell 'em there kid. Perhaps you should actually take a moment and attempt to understand the article before you go on a embarrassing rant.

coolirisGB3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

The new Xbox 360 development kit was announced by Microsoft to address the shortcomings of the original development kit. Microsoft claims that the new development kit is designed for triple-A game development.

The original Xbox 360 development kit did not offer enough RAM to allow developers the ability to run game assets at the same time as debugging and optimization tools. Microsoft has addressed this shortcoming by adding additional RAM to the new development kit.

According to Microsoft, the additional RAM will open up the use of a wide range of additional tools that can help developers debug as well as optimize their titles prior to release. It is thought that this could give developers the ability to develop a wide array of new tools to enhance future titles prior to release.

Microsoft has said that the new development kit will be available as well as the older kit. The new kit is targeted toward developers who want to develop the triple-A titles and push the envelope of what the Xbox 360 is capable of doing.

Your strange rant is off the wall bonkers. Saying a company should stop helping developers make better games and content is nutso. I guess everybody but Microsoft can have grade A tools for 1st party and AAA 2nd and 3rd party games in your eyes . How did you intrepid this news the way you did. http://multiplayerblog.mtv....

AAACE53385d ago

With all due respect.... Do you know what you're talking about?

Let me explain... The 360 has 512 Mb of RAM, When developers create a game, they don't get to use all of the RAM, because a certain portion has to be set aside for other purposes.

The way they are doing it now, they get to use all 512 Mb. And the extra stuff that wasted space is on that 512.

In so many words... All games will continue to work. The hardware will not change! No worries bud.

f7897903385d ago

Nobody would be that stupid to give RAM add-ons to the consumer.

Poopface the 2nd3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

You should be more worried about your reading skills.

^^^ lol guy above. What about nintendo 4 MB expansion pack. LOL. those were all the rage back in the day. I need me some PD.

JHUX3384d ago

Man haha in this case you don't even have to read the article, you coulda just read the little preview, or hell the title to realize that this isn't a add on the consumer 360's rofl!.

It was a good try though at stickin it to the man! (Well not really).

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Natsu X FairyTail3385d ago

when shall we see this in store?

:) might get to buy it!

dirthurts3385d ago

Not for consumers!

Read the article.

gamesmaster3385d ago

8 people think you should'nt read the article. gotta love n4g.

dirthurts3385d ago

at those who disagree. Intelligence, sometimes you have it. Sometimes you...

FragMnTagM3385d ago

People on here should read before commenting. Half of the retarded comments on N4G could be avoided if they read the damn articles. If people like ninjagoat and Natsu actually read the article, they might not look so silly. Then again their brain might explode from reading.

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FantasyStar3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

I can see how this works out for developers. When you reach the max RAM: the app never tells you exactly what script caused the overflow error or how it was made. By having more breathing space, it makes it much easier to find that error because.

A. One can simply glance at the physical presence and gauge.
B. Running the section through the 360 devkit won't present the "ERROR" message as much.

I can defo see this extra 512 as a great assets for debugging purposes.

FantasyStar3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

5 people have never held or used a 360 SDK before. *good grief*

Poopface the 2nd3385d ago

most people have no idea what this is about, as you can see from the comments.

I have never used one and Its not that challenging to grasp. Some people are just dumb or cant read.