OXCGN's Steal it for 360? – Tales of Monkey Island (PC)

OXCGN Writes: "It's hard to believe, but it's almost been 9 years since we last saw Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate, tackle the evil LeChuck and save the world. But finally the 5th installment of the franchise is here! Lucas Arts have passed the reigns over to the leading point and click developers Telltale Games who have taken their first stab at the series with Tales of Money Island: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal, the first episode of 5 to be released each month.

With a team full of ex-Lucas Arts employees can Telltale Games deliver the same quality that Lucas Arts did many years ago?...

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Godem3388d ago

I don't think Telltale knocked Curse of Monkey Island off the pedestal as the best Monkey Island game ever.

But they definitely knocked Escape From Monkey Island off wherever it was sitting, its a huge improvement over it. Seems like Telltale have the 3D point and click worlds down pat.

XboxOZ3603388d ago

I wasn't so into this before, but having played the videos and checked it out, it'd would be something I'd get for some honest - clean gaming fun.

darkmurder3388d ago

Loved the original back from LucasArts will check this out!

Godem3388d ago

Can't wait to play Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition then?!

I know I can't wait! its only 800 MS points too!

darkmurder3388d ago

For that price its a bargain, nearly as good as Sam and Max

gaminoz3388d ago

Definitely. It's funny as well as fun.

gaminoz3388d ago

Ahhh Monkey Island....The Secret of Monkey Island was the game my wife and I first played together I believe. I'll have to get it on XBLA when it's out.

Glad this one is good too and there is always room for point n click games among all the shooters hack n' slash imo.

XboxOZ3603388d ago

I may even see if my son has this on his PC when I'm over there next, as he's off work for a little while, and this could be a great little time waster, while still being fun at the same time . .

leila013388d ago

Just finished it, and it was a moderate disappointment. Humor felt off compared to Sam and Max or even Strong Bad; I only laughed a few times while playing it. And Telltale feels like they're slipping on the episodic format, because this didn't feel at all like a self-contained episode. I actually thought the cliffhanger ending was pretty cool, but the lack of any real climax or narrative arc leaves me feeling flat about the experience. What we got would be fine as the first three hours of a boxed product, but that's not the model they're going for.

Really, I suppose I'm being too harsh because the wait was so long and I was expecting something so awesome out of this revered series... what I got was a game that was a notch below Sam and Max, but still worth the price of admission.

callahan093388d ago

"What we got would be fine as the first three hours of a boxed product, but that's not the model they're going for."

Actually, that IS what they're going for. You can't buy just one episode of Monkey Island, you get the whole thing, or you get none of it. They just happen to be releasing each episode on a monthly basis instead of all at once (probably because that's what TellTale always does, combined with the fact that they can get the game into our hands faster by giving it to us one piece at a time for 5 months rather than making us all wait 5 months and then giving us the whole thing at once).

But all Monkey Island games have been episodic, just that they all came packaged as a whole. And this game has had plenty of plot already. I was actually surprised that there was so much plot in it, because Monkey Island games are more well-known for their off-the-wall puzzles and tasks that send you way out of your way (and of course the humor) than having sensible, compelling plots.

And speaking of the humor, I think this game is by far the most funny TellTale game yet. It knocks it out of the park, for me. But a lot of the funniest stuff is hidden away, like when you click on something that you know isn't what you're supposed to do for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 10th time. The humor is actually very close to what you'd find in the other Monkey Island games from the past.

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