In What Can Only Be Self-Parody; Evony Goes All In

NG writes:

"… or should that be "Evony reaches the lowest point possible"?

What you see to your left is not, as you should expect, the work of this article's author. Nor is it the work of any other website commenting on the current buzz Evony is creating with is, ahem, interesting adverts. We here at Negative Gamer would like to think we are at the cutting edge of Evony journalism, and can say with some confidence that this is in fact a real advert for the game."

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wardrox3383d ago

I'm just glad sites like Negative Gamer are around to keep ... abreast ... of the situation.

whoelse3382d ago

God it's hot in here, I think I need to open the window.

The Obvious3382d ago

Those are a pair of breasts.

joemayo763382d ago

YES.....THEY.....ARE!!! :O /jkz

joepenn183382d ago

I do believe they are a pair of breasts, how appealing. Very good observations men.

Surviver3382d ago

Clicked on the article, right now on n4g... ad for evony and on NG an ad for evony.

joepenn183382d ago

Research purposes, my friend.

RockmanII73382d ago

I never get that ad anymore. I always get an ad with 2 pictures of a set of teeth. a before yellow and a after white.

poindat3382d ago

The words "Start your journey now, my lord" and a picture of what looks like a porn star don't go together very well, do they?

Troll-Killer3382d ago

...if you're into fantasy role-playing sex games. ;)

poindat3382d ago

If I want whack it off to an elf or princess (or even better, elf princess), at least make her look so. I am utterly disappointed.


joepenn183382d ago

She used to look more like a maiden of sorts, see look.

Troll-Killer3382d ago

I don't think you understand...I'm talking about REAL "sex games", NOT a video game. If you're with a woman, I hope you don't still have to "whack it off". If you do, she's either one ugly b*tch....or you're one pathetic excuse for a dude. :(

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