Uncharted 2 Receives Graphics Upgrade

Examiner: "Since their E3 2009 showing, Naughty Dog improved on the lighting and skin textures for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves."

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shingo3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

That upgrade jump from the E3 09 trailer to the recent GT cinematic is almost like a new sequel game upgrade! Just look at the lighting, the colors, the textures!! I'm truly amazed.

Naughty Dogs = KING.

Day zero.

SpaceSquirrel3385d ago

Hopefully, the street date will be broken whenever it is.

Venomish3385d ago

the middle east get it 1 week before

sunil3385d ago

These guys are seriously amazing. Been saving up for a day 1 purchase!

Pandemic3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

I'm sure if Naughty Dog raised the price of the game by $10-30 it would still sell like hot-cakes.

Microsoft Xbox 3603385d ago

I should be getting this game a week before launch. Can't wait. This game alone destroys the entire 360 lineup. No joke.

cmrbe3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

but so does Sony's ICE team. I am pretty sure Santa Monica especially have helped them out greatly. They are in the same building and SM have always been the devs behind the devs.

Its pretty tough to say who really is king as you also have PD, Team ICO in Asia and Cambridge and Liverpool in Europe.

All in all i would go for Team ICO.

Edit: Hellenx, I think it sold close to 3 million sofar. Lifetime will most likely approach the 4 million mark. I was never worried about it sales as i knew that Uncharted would definaely have a part 2 after i played part 1.

ZombieNinjaPanda3385d ago

I just hope this game sells tons.

How much has the first Uncharted sold? I really hope this one sells a million the first day. I hope this because, well Look at how much ND is giving us. They're stepping up the graphics, adding in a longer single player, and now they're even adding multiplayer to a single player only game.

That is just amazing. These guys deserve every sale they get.

And thinking about the single player, it's like an interactive movie. You're in control of everything. This game will be awesome.

Traveler3385d ago

Considering that the first Uncharted is still to this day one of the top 3 best-looking games it is amazing that Naughty Dog are able to make such significant improvements for Uncharted 2.

The fact that all that graphical awesomeness is wrapped around some of the funnest gameplay, endearing characters, amazing environments and an outstanding adventure-filled narrative makes Uncharted 2 one of my most anticipated games ever.

iamtehpwn3385d ago

Uncharted 2 is so epic, it actually begins to make you feel bad for other games who couldn't nearly touch it. xD

cmrbe3385d ago

this is what happened when i first played Uncharted.

My mother came to visit. She listened to the Amazing uncharted score (secondly only to SOTC imo) in the beginning and then she sat down next to me. When the first cutscene came on with Nate opening the coffin with Elena filming it. My mother asked what movie i was watching lol!

Then the unthinkable happened. The custsceen went straight to in game when the pirates start to arrive. I just couldn't believe it and then offcoruse the first time in the jungle as well as the platforming at the U-Boat in the jungle. Simply amazing. This was before MGS4 offcouse.

Hellanglex. Thats was the best thing about Uncharted for me. It really felt like the best action adventure movie that you interact with. The acting/voice acting was superb, the script was witty and superb, the plot/story was superb, the music was superb, gameplay was superb, graphics superb. Everything about Uncharted is superb. I would even go as far as to say that i like playing and watching Uncharted more than the recent Mummy and Indy movies. Even with MGS4, i think the script was better in Uncharted as it was not corny like some parts of MGS4 script.

Uncharted was a very very well crafted piece of entertainment. Its just makes me so freaking happy that ND have up the ante and made it even better.

meepmoopmeep3385d ago

i wish i knew some people in middle east
to ship it to me with the broken street date games. :(

ah well, i care more about a CE version though, i hope there is one.

SaberEdge3385d ago

Ah my favorite PS3 game gets an even better sequel. Awesome!

ZombieNinjaPanda3385d ago

cmrbe: Completely agree man.

When I got done playing Uncharted, I didn't say to myself, wow I just finished a great game. I said to myself, wow! Did I just see an awesome movie or something!?

The voice acting was top notch, graphics were amazing, and then there was the story .

DaTruth3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

One of the best things about this game is the seamless transition from gameplay to cutscene and back to gameplay! No other game has done it as well. Uncharted is one of my top games ever!

On topic: Improving on incredible, is there even a word for that? I remember when they showed the final build of the 1st Uncharted, it looked amazing before, but the finished product left a hole in the floor where my jaw dropped!

cmrbe3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

About the story. Some people didn't like the cool twist which caught me by surprise near the end as some said that ND turned to the paranormal but the truth was it was not paranormal. It was just a virus kept in the mummified corpse. It was no magic or vodo. Evan explained this in one of the making movies that was on the disc.

Although it followed normal action adventure stories. The Uncharted story was very original and great on its own. Can't wait for U2.

@Datruth. That and NO LOADING TIME!!. MGS4 had seamless cutscenes.

Edit : @Mastctiff. To be honest i didn't expect ND to put out something like Uncharted. They really did surprise me this gen. I have always known that they are top devs but the leap they took from J&D to Uncharted was a very very big leap. ND was always the great kid platformer devs in my mind before this gen started. Now they are really up there with the big mature boys as well like Kojima.

mastiffchild3385d ago

Cmbre&Hellz-I'm with you guys. When I played Uncharted I hadn't read any reviews and was just trusting of ND as a fan of J&D back in the day. In fact I didn't know anyone who had even played it at the time!

I'm so glad that's how I came to it as well as it made every moment a much sweeter discovery and in one day of gaming vindicated my decision to get my PS3(as if I was worried!). IDK if this kind of quality is possible on te 360, not because of the hardware but more because of the time and support the big Sony devs get and give each other(eng how would Gears2 have looked given more time etc)but, if any games can rival U2 it's going to be AW and SCC with the time theu've both had to dvelop.

They'll have to go a bit though, wont they? for my cash this was the best looking game od E3(better even than GOW3 and GT5 as we didn't get as close to them to tell and U2 looked SO sharp and classy. And what have ND done? Just stepped it up again . Not happy to rest on the praise they got for being the best looking in show they pushed it further-these shots show some great strides-that skin tone change is amazing. Those are proper old bloke hands and that's the exact attention to detail I've come to expect from ND these days.

Allied to this the online beta was the nuts(esp for a first ever attempt-which will show up some veterans mark my words when it lands for real!)and there's even more time left to polish this to a blinding sheen. Looking forward to this almost as much as I was to MGS4! And just like Koj's masterpiece I cannot see many being disappointed at all. 'Kin great stuff-keep it up ND!

Killjoy30003385d ago

The transitions in MGS4 were pretty superb as well.


so its now a gen ahead of next gen?????????//

godly dogz

meepmoopmeep3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

but Naughty Dog don't need to gloat, they just deliver


JL3385d ago

Wow, I don't even know what to say. I thought the E3 trailer was amazing. Now they've even upped that? That's unbelievable. The difference in those screenshots is crazy.

"improving upon incredible"?? apparently you call that Naughty Dog. These guys can have my money, no questions asked at this point. These guys are gods amongst men (probably most of Sony's first party should be included in that group also).

I'm also with you guys on the point that the first one was truly epic. It wasn't a gaming experience, it was just an experience in general. The seamless transition did make it like playing an interactive movie. I mean absolutely consuming. I swear to god I beat the game in one sitting. That's not a dig at the game being short either. That's a testament of how amazing an experience it was. I mean I couldn't put it down (barring having to pause real quick to go to the bathroom real quick), but other than that...11 straight hours. I put the game in and didn't put it down til the credits rolled. The game was like no other for me. My top game this generation (with VC being a close second) and up there on a short list for all-time probably.

Sarcasm3385d ago

Leave it to Naughty Dog to turn Gold into Diamonds.

First day purchase is an extreme understatement.

FamilyGuy3385d ago

I don't know what to say, that improvement was o.O

The game looks good already, come OUT NOW!
The multi-player was gaming heroine.

Story check
voice acting double check
high quality graphics triple check

"9er we are go for game of the year, I repeat, we are GO for game of the year."

I wonder what kind of boost this will give ps3 sales.

Immortal Kaim3385d ago

After watching the E3 presentation, I am not going to watch any other vids, I want the game to remain special for my first playthrough.

Cannot wait, what is the release date for Uncharted 2?

pain777pas3385d ago

My jaw was on the floor when I saw this cinematic. That is a ingame cutseen. I am truly happy that this game is being made it looks like a sure fire AAA 10/10 blockbuster. Cannot wait for this game.

SaiyanFury3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

My father came from Canada to visit me and he saw me playing Uncharted and he was duly impressed by how cinematic it was. He found it to be more of an interactive movie than a game, and with the DTS codec turned up in my home theatre, he loved it. My father turns 60 this year. And he was amazed by how cinematic games have become. He's never seen Metal Gear Solid 4, but I'm sure he'd be impressed. Uncharted 2 will no doubt further the tense that modern games have more plot and effects that modern consoles deliver. We're in the HD revolution, and many PS3 games prove that.

jack_burt0n3385d ago

Just look at the relentless love and appreciation of all things uncharted, glad to hear these stories.

Uncharted is a masterpiece of entertainment, if you have not experienced it yet, you need to, you really do, no matter your gaming tastes.

Uncharted 2 GOTY

Kain813385d ago

the first one is Uncharted
and the second one is Heavenly Sword ( hope Sony works on a Sequell to it)
the third one is LBP
i would Take The Last Guardian too but i dont it a new IP or a ICO sequell ???....but its Definitly a MASTERPIECE

na2ru13385d ago

Ghostbusters demo on PS3, I almost puked. E3 shots still look better than Uncharted how....nevermind.

Just imagine if Bungie worked for Sony instead of Microsoft, Halo 3 might've been able to flex beyond 2004. They may have been aloud to work on a new engine and fully take the gameplay mechs to a new level.

The reason it's still 1 of the most played games is because it IS good just like it was in 2004. But that doesn't deter the fact that it STILL IS the same game it was in 2004 with just a few extras.

boodybandit3385d ago

that is the most impressive graphics I have ever seen in a console game. I wonder how much tweaking they are doing to the in game engine as well since the cinematics use the same engine.

raztad3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

Ok, first off the OBVIOUS, UC2 blows by far everything else out there graphics wise, and now it got even better, no no, substantially better.

I want to go as far as to say that just this "small" improvement in UC2 visuals is, at least, comparable to the full Bioshock1 to Bioshock2 enhancements. What I mean is while some games out there are getting slightly improved, Sony's games (in this case UC2) are having a massive leap forward.

Now I'm totally confident that GOWIII will be running at 1080p, with super smooth framerate and ultra amazing visuals. Good times now and ahead.

coolirisGB3384d ago

I'm loving the huge scale of this game this is going to be the best platformer. Digging the puzzles.

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N4GAddict3385d ago

Can't wait to see how the final version looks like.

Hands3385d ago

hey its finally starting to look computer grade!

clintos593385d ago

E309 Best Graphics Game = Check
E309 Best Action Adventure Game = Check
E309 Best Console Game = Check
E309 Best Third Person Shooter Game = Check
E309 Game of The Show = Check

Should I say anymore? And ill add that UC2 won all these awards over other blockbuster titles such as.
God of War 3
Halo Reach
Mass Effect 2
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Alan Wake
Heavy Rain
Metal Gear Solid Rising
Mario Galaxy 2
Forza 3
Assassins Creed 2
Splinter Cell Conviction
Crackdown 2
Final Fantasy 13
Final Fantasy 14
Lost Planet 2
Bioshock 2
Ratchet & Clank

If u ask me this is the next game that will have almost perfect scores across the globe & has the best chance of winning GOTY09. Day 1 purchase. Nuff said.

rucky3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

It's funny how the one game that set the bar in graphics still manages to surpass it. Remember only three years(not even) still a long way to go.

leila013385d ago

Well I think alot of it has to do with the fact that the development tools for the PS3 come basically from Naughty Dog themselves (ICE Team). So I guess it could be said that they are always pushing the boundaries and making the PS3 sing.

Add the fact that they have some of the most talented people in gaming today and you get games like Uncharted.

Seriously these guys are my favorite devs and I'm happy they're finding success this gen with this one IP alone.

meepmoopmeep3385d ago

i've never heard of ICE Team

i remember Ted Price mentioning "The Leading Edge" is that part of ICE Team?

staub913385d ago

Ted Price is the head of Insomniac, So you must be thinking of something else.

meepmoopmeep3385d ago

yeah, i know Ted Price is from Insomniac

but he mentioned something about the leading edge
which was a collaboration of sony's 1st & 2nd party studios

just wondering if ICE Team was part of that, most likely i take it.

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Sir Ken_Kutaragi3385d ago

|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;-P

blackbeld3384d ago

Ohh YEAH... GOTY 2009 for sure!!

ONLY ON PS3 ..... And for PS3 only!!!

I buy this game!!!!!!

Traveler3384d ago

I would own a PS3 just for Uncharted and Uncharted 2. I love Uncharted that much.

Aclay3385d ago

Wow...I really didn't think that the graphics in Uncharted 2 could get a lot better compared to Original, but the NaughtyGods have done it again! Hope there's a Collectors Edition with Behind the Scenes footage and more, because I will definantly buy it.

I have no idea what Eidos plans on doing with the Tomb Raider franchise, but they really need to step it up a few notches because Uncharted has set the bar WAYYY high.