That Gaming Site: Princess Debut: The Royal Ball Review

That Gaming Site writs: "Were we ever short of a Prince dating-sim/ ball-room dancing rhythm game on the DS? Given the amount of games on the DS that use stereotypes to target the young female audience, Princess Debut really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. The difference here is that Japanese developer Natsume of Harvest Moon fame is behind Princess Debut. Is Princess Debut just another attempt to make a quick buck out of some tweens or something a little more distinctive?"

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Elven63390d ago

Surprisingly, it seems to be a better game than what I first thought it would be.

raiden_933390d ago

Yeah there is a lot more too it than those Imagine and Petz games. Probably because they brought Natsume in to work on it, bet it went down a storm in Japan.

Elven63390d ago

The Natsume name was a bit reassuring given their track record, I'm sure it was popular in Japan. Wonder how it will do in Europe and possibly North America if Midway (now Warner I guess) decide to release it.

raiden_933390d ago

I think it's out in North America. Amazon says its been out for almost a year =s

Ziriux3390d ago

OMG! Barbies Horse Adventure just took a dive.