Does PS3 Slim = Price Drop? If So, How Much?

Today Nick McCandless from talks about the rumored PS3 slim and price drop. Just because they release a slimmer version of the PS3 does that mean they will drop the price of the console?

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Gue13411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

Is the PS3 slim real or not? That's the question.

Nick2120043411d ago

There is almost enough evidence to confirm it, but that is why he said "If the PS3 slim is real...."

LordMarius3411d ago

If there is a price drop, it will only be $50
The Go cost $250 so it wouldn't make sense to have the Slim at $299

Venomish3411d ago

this man has a point
if psp go is $250
a ps3 cannot be dropped to $300, only $50 difference??

Nick2120043411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

I agree, but I do not see a $50 price drop doing too much.

Nick McCandless from mentioned this on the video.

LordMarius3411d ago

I didnt know he mention this, I didnt bother going to the site

GameGambits3410d ago

Every single day it's talk about the PS3 price drops. Is there NOTHING going on in the gaming industry AT ALL worth talking about anymore?

Anyone calling themselves a game journalist across the net, Oh I don't know, PLAYED A GOOD GAME LATELY?! God sakes these articles do nothing but repeat the same order in the comments and keep spreading stupidity like the common cold.

Need something to write about?
1) Discuss what you would like to see in a next gen Persona 5.
2) Predictions for Tokyo Game Show/What you'd like to see.
3) Modern Warfare 2 lack of MP Info/Dedicated servers possible?
4) White Knight Chronicles pushed back to March 2010...why so long?
5) What a Chuck Norris game could be like.

There that's a pretty varied 5 topic discussions. Now go do your job right then come back later to rehash the same BS everyone else won't drop.

JoySticksFTW3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

I just took apart my launch 60gb last night to give the insides and the fan a good cleaning because it was running loud and hot this summer.

And when I put it back together, I had three "extra" screws left over.

Uh, oh... D:

It works and is running whisper quiet though... but for how long..?

If I have to buy a new PS3, I want to get it when there's a price drop (and hopefully PS2 emulation as well!)


Honestly though, if it dropped dead today -- I'd get a PS3 this very day. The system is a monster.

Watching "Push" on blu-ray as I type this. Not spectacular, but pretty good.

xino3410d ago

I know what you mean, but trust me, you are better off reading these sort of articles than NPD articles all the time.
There were alot of that bull news on NPD posted all the time at the end of 2008.

All of them here act as if they are game journalist. All they ever post are speculations, rumours and opinions.

No one actually does digging of gaming information or bring breaking news!

PS3PWNSALL3410d ago


You are the same Nick that submitted the article and you are referring to the author as another person. Isn't it you?

gamesR4fun3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

like anyone's gonna buy a pspgo at 250 no mater wut they do to the ps3 price...

really jus blew me away when they anounced the price really sony 250 for a psp? N im a big fan of the sony gaming system heck we have 2 psps now a ps3 ps2 n ton n tons of games...

but i wont buy a go no way heck il buy a wii n another 360 first...

orakga3410d ago

Don't expect a pricecut. Just refer to history and your answers are all staring right back at you.

1) The slim will come out at $399
2) The "fat" will be dropped to $299 (the recent bundles are paving the way for this)

This is how they've ALWAYS done it (i.e. with the PSOne and PS2 Slim). Bring out the Slim as a measure to keep the price the same, then drop the price on the old/fatter version.

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Incognegro3411d ago

I've been hearing rubmblings that the Psp Go! might actually see a price cut even before it's shipped. As valid as that is, is to be seen. If that does happen, then the price cut of the slim line would seem a bit more plausible. But as things stand right now...I'd only give it $50 if there is a price cut, but it really depends on exactly how much it costs for them to manufacture the unit as is. If they're losing even a slim amount of money with ever PS3 slim unit shipped, hell it could even be a penny.... they will not cut the price of it. Profitability is more important than market share, and that should be and is their main concern.

LiquifiedArt3411d ago

I'm not even sure its going to happen. With bundles like the one at BestBuy where you get MGS4 and KZ2 + Pain voucer with an 80gig... seems quite the value to me.

If it did drop 100$ you'd still have to buy games. If you don't already have a ps3, you've missed out on boatloads of exclusive's which are AAA high-quality titles and I feel bad for you.

Captain Tuttle3410d ago

I agree. They've got to stop bleeding money, at least in the short term.

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