How Gay Are Games?

Focusing on the lack of Gay and Lesbian characters taking a leading role within games, Gameztraffic looks at the situation and how certain Christian groups are staunchly opposed to such themes being within games, and how this might alienate the Gay and Lesbian Community.

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keysy4203438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

BUT i have a problem with promoting it to children. People make choices throughout their life or as a result of traumatic experiences and come to be what they are when they reach sexual maturity or later.( this doesn't apply to all gay people). my kid is innocent still, so i dont need people to promote that being with someone of the same sex is right. really two people of the same sex cant reproduce so say what ever you want the sh1t aint right.
As for games most gamers are nerd and would probably bust one if a girl put a boob in their face. So if im one of these nerds and im playing a game and some guy starts makin it with another guy that game just turned into a frisbee.

robbo9183438d ago

So you are saying that breeding is what makes it right??? The actual love between 2 people is irrelevant as long as they can breed? What about the straight couples that choose to NOT have children or the straight couples who physically cannot have kids?

You have a problem with homosexuality being "promoted" to children. It isn't promoting to simply accept that it is part of life whether you want to close your narrow minded little eyes or not. They are being drowned in heterosexually suggestive materials every single day far worse than anything "gay" ever shown in a video game.

With your bigotry and hatred in the life of your child, I highly doubt he/she is innocent at this point.

table3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

you talk about your kids being innocent, so am I right in saying you don't force religion or any way of thinking onto them? Because it would be hypocritical to suggest onto them something that you would think or deem as being is correct. My view is, let them be aware of it, but don't force any way of thinking onto them. They need to make their own choices as they grow older.

@robbo - you also shouldn't argue that heterosexuality shouldn't be regarded as the norm, when clearly in every form of life and reproduction it is.

HighDefinition3438d ago

UM.... Listen......

FACT: If EVERYONE was gay, Life would not exist on this planet in about 100 years.

Men and Women are meant to produce new life, it`s actually quite amazing when you think about and that`s what SEX is for, not just "getting off" (not that theres anything wrong w/ that....LOL)

BTW, I don`t have a problem w/ people being gay, but it doesn`t change the FACT I mentioned above.

robbo9183438d ago

@Stewgart: I never once said heterosexuality wasn't the norm, please point out where I did? On a side note not ALL species of life use heterosexual activity to reproduce by the way, but again I am sorry if you thought I was saying that heterosexuality wasn't the norm, in fact I know it is. I never claimed homosexuality was the norm, would never do that. I was commenting on the closed minded views of a bigot that thinks only heterosexuals have a right to life or to see it in things around them. I prefer to believe gays and straights can live together, the sad thing is how many straights won't accept that in their narrow minded grip on reality.

@highdef: When did I say everyone should be gay? Again I say read what I wrote again. I disagree that sex is only about reproduction. Reproduction cannot be achieved without sex I agree but by your definition then you would be avoiding its true purpose if you ever used a condom. Also the point I made about people who are not capable of having children or even straight couples who do not want to have kids, are they not allowed to have intimacy because they are not achieving reproduction? I am not trying to sound rude (hard to make sure that isn't conveyed in text), but I don't agree with your view on sex (making love), although I respect your opinion.

At least I feel I could have a mature conversations with stew and hd rather than keys. Have a good rest of your weekends.

HighDefinition3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

But what if........

The purpose of life is to live, reproduction is part of that process and sex needed for reproduction (naturally), For the most being gay is IMO not wrong but selfish, seeing as if everyone made the same choice we would not exist shortly after.

People can make choices, but to have the ability to make choices you NEED men and women and they have to have sex. We wouldn`t even exist to be able to have this conversation is our parent decide they were gay. I don`t hate anyone........I`m just sayin, this IS the reality.

Have a good weekend.

robbo9183438d ago

The other side of the coin is that people shouldn't have to reproduce to be able to say they lived or contributed to life. That excludes straight people as well that choose to not have children. We are more than breeding machines, in fact if everyone alive had a child we would cover this planet entirely pretty fast. I don't think the world is in danger of under-population anytime soon.

I respect your view and have not hit the disagree button but I disagree that gay people are selfish. I can see you think that gay people are not born gay, which is something we can also disagree on. I can say that there are plenty of scientists and doctors on both sides of that debate. Thanks for the lively chat though, off to work out then play some video games.

ZombieNinjaPanda3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )


People and dolphins are the only two species that have sex for pleasure.

Why do I know this? I dunno..where did I learn this? Better question yet.

EDIT: oh and Robbo, for every person in the world that doesn't have a child, I'm pretty sure the people with families of 2 to 10 children make up for it.

DelbertGrady3438d ago

But aren't gays and pedophiles the same thing? I heard 'the gay' is contagious. At least that's what the ministers at my church told me. I need to get in touch with them right away and sort this out. I'm still convinced that it's evil though. Says so in the bible, if you read it with very thick glasses on.

The Killer3437d ago

u r all mentally sick and u deserve to see ur fathers and mothers and sisters and brothers and sons and daughters being homos.

at that time, i would like to see ur faces and i ask the question if it is ok to be a homo or for homos to promote their disease.

homosexuality is a disease that is contagious through publicizing/promoting it/their rights etc.

no one is born to be a homo, the fact that all males have penis and all females have vagina proves that.

besides sex is meant for making children but it is an extra that we have good feelings. in case of a women or man who r unable to make children then that is a sickness or disease.

to hell all of u who defends homosexuality and i will pray that u see them around u all the time!!!

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SoapShoes3438d ago

Who cares? Why the push to promote gay/lesbians in everyday life? This is as retarded as teaching gay marriage in schools. Instead of teaching something important, like HOW TO MAINTAIN A MARRIAGE we teach useless stuff that doesn't benefit anyone.

robbo9183438d ago

It isn't pushing gays and lesbians you moron. If anything is pushed it is heterosexuality in ever facet of life (tv, movies, magazines, etc). As to teaching tolerance not benefiting anyone, it obviously could benefit you if your narrow and bigoted mind could handle it (and the others like you in the world). Seriously, wow, people like you who preach hate then pretend you aren't.

table3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

heterosexuality is pushed on people? Well this may be a long shot, but maybe its something to do with the fact it is found in our genetics!

To be honest, who cares what these right wing christian groups think about games anyway. Followers of them are deluded.

SoapShoes3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

Such delusion. First, teaching this will not create tolerance, it will just create awareness. It's a waste of tax payer's money because if this is taught then we would have to teach children tolerance of every single thing that is discriminated against(which will not eliminate discrimination). Plus, I don't see how you could say this is more important than just teaching how to properly maintain a marriage, because that benefits people no matter how they choose to live their life.

Second, I find it funny how if anyone finds this pointless you scream "HATE". Are you insecure or are you close minded? I find that people who are pro-gay, if you will, are just as close minded as extremist religious people. Like a religious nut pro-gays are always right, force their views down others throats, and will not see it from another perspective. They both act high and mighty when they both can not see the fallacies of their ideals.

Third, I don't see how you can force heterosexualism onto people.

Fourth, I don't see how having sexuality coming into a game is even needed. It's a game.

Major_Tom3438d ago

Marriage is an outdated tradition that is just a legal leash on one another than a 'bond'. You can have a spiritual and sexual bond without having to be married.

robbo9183438d ago

@stew: Again I think you misunderstood my point. I don't have a problem with heterosexuality being visible everywhere I turn, my point was that it isn't the only view out there. As to genetics I doubt either you or I have a doctorate in genetics but we are more than just breeding machines and I was born gay, someone saying I wasn't isn't going to change that fact. I do respect your points though, we just disagree on some parts.

@estranged: I am neither closed minded nor insecure. If I misunderstood your point I will gladly apologize, but the line "Why the push to promote gay/lesbians in everyday life?" is what lead me to believe your views were slightly narrow. In everyday life? I have an everyday life. I pay taxes. I work to save children from harm every day. I vote. I happen to be gay. I don't think it is promoting anything to have some equal representation. I don't expect every videogame to have gay people, but to expect the games to not have derogatory gay slurs (or racial/bigoted slurs of any kind) is more what I am saying. I also don't see a problem with the fact that a few games have given the person the option to choose to have their character be straight or gay, why assume the person playing it is straight. I will agree with you on your fourth point if you mean sexuality period whether it be straight or gay.

Lastly I agree that teaching to have marriages be stronger is a valid goal in life and something that should be taught (although I do believe marriage is not just for straight people, and I am not saying you said that either just pointing it out). I work to keep families intact every single day I go to work, so trust me I back you on that goal. I find it sad that the divorce rate has been higher than the marriage rate for years. To each their own.

FunAndGun3438d ago

@ Estranged

Although I kinda agree with you on some of your points, I do think there would be benefits for “teaching” gay marriage in schools. I put teaching in quotes because its not like kids are being taught to be gay, but they should be aware that gay people exist.

As the system is set up now, the message of sex in schools is abstinence before marriage. Then after marriage, you have sex, make babies and life is beautiful. What kind of message is that for young people who are gay and who think they might be gay? They can not get married, therefore they can never have sex. There is no “life path” for them to follow. I think it is important, when sexual education happens in school, that gayness at least is talked about and made aware that it happens and is common; because that is the truth.

Sexual education in school is a touchy subject without the whole gay issue. But if sex, life, and marriage is the topic, gay themes should not be omitted.

Please tell me why the suicide rate for young males is the highest for gay/questioning individuals? Could it be that gay people are still not accepted in “normal” society? Could it be that they feel there is no place for them in this world? Awareness is key, and although you may feel this issue is being rammed down your throat, there are hundreds of thousands of youth who feel they are alone on this issue and they are freaks.

Hetero sex IS HUGE in gaming. Every time a gay issue comes up on N4G, many always say that sex doesn’t belong in gaming. “I don’t see how having sexuality coming into a game is even needed. It’s a game.”….that was your quote. IF that is true please tell me why then every article on N4G that contains the word boobs or girl hits 2999 degrees with 50 comments? Why are there soooo many avatars with big booty hos and massive melons? Why did the GTA and GoW sex mini games get SO much attention? It is because gaming as a media and entertainment go perfect with sex and the majority of gamers are hetero horny males.

I am gay, and I could care less about gay characters in games. When there are gay characters in games they are always stereotypes anyway, but so are black characters, and so on. The gay guy from Enchanted Arms did make me lol a couple times though because he was flaming.

menoyou3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

Completely agree. Gays are forcing their lifestyle on everyone. They throw gay parades around little kids on purpose at Disney World, they're brainwashing kids in public schools ( ), and the list goes on.

When are people going to wake up.

MisterNiwa3438d ago


The Matrix3438d ago

I'm proud to say that I have 980 gamerscore in Buly Scholarship Edition. I beat ever mission in the game. Placed first in every race. Did the lawn mowing job 50 times to get enough money to buy all of the clothes. Spent hour after hour collecting all the collectibles.

And still after that, the only achievement that I haven't gotten...that I WON'T get is that gay "over the rainbow achievement".

Just keep gay stuff out of video has no place there.

TruthbeTold3438d ago

The truth is that this world is overpopulated with humans (since we allow individuals to own so much there isn't enough land, food or resources for us all). We should actually be promoting homosexuality since it would cut back reproduction on a global scale. People who's moral views are limited by religion or personal bias can't grab such a concept though. Yeah I said it. And I mean no offense. It's just true.

The Matrix3438d ago

Truthbetold dumbest thing I've ever read in my life.

Seriously are you like from New Jersey or something?

Cenobia3438d ago

Let's blame the Christians!!!!

How many of you would even buy a game with Homosexual overtones? Almost nobody, that's who. THAT is the reason there aren't any 'gay' games. If it won't sell, why make it? And GTA's DLC doesn't count, they're just going to poke fun at the lifestyle and create awkward situations for humor. Any other game that makes you gay without a choice would likely flop pretty hard.

Insane right wing Christians never stop anything. They just give news networks something to blab about and give games/movies/whatever free publicity. As an added bonus they give Christians a bad name in general, even though most of us are pretty fudgin normal.

And Home is in Beta. If they filed a complaint or something I'm sure Sony would try to fix the issue.

TruthbeTold3438d ago

Why don't you give an explanation as to why it's dumb instead of trying to insult someone by beating your chest like a gorilla? Could it have anything to do with the fact that what I said makes sense and you don't have a counter for it that isn't culturally biased or religious? Retard...

ZombieNinjaPanda3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )


I resent you saying that >.< Grrr...
Edit: WTF does being from NJ have anything to do with being stupid..?

Anyway..Gay stuff, homosexual stuff, anything thing like that stuff (stuff? Lulz) isn't bad to have, as long as I're made aware, or if it isn't shoved down your throat.

Example being, main protagonist of any game is gay. I'm sure people won't mind, but would rather be informed first. ( I can see people buying this, then complaining/sueing the developer for adding this).

Oh and regarding the article and Home: Of course it was censored, people use gay as an insult. I use it all the time. I don't try to be offensive to any homosexual people, but I still use it. To me, it's basically the same thing as saying Lame.

FunAndGun3438d ago

Lol…you need to wake up if you think you can brainwash someone into being gay.

That is just dumb, are you living in the 1960’s? Marijuana will also turn you into satan, and colored people are animals if you believe that. You don’t understand it so you fear it, like it is a plague or something. Gay people have existed throughout history, it’s a fact of life; Gay people exist.

So those kids at Disney World are going to turn gay now because there are gay people around? Lol, wow I never knew gayness went airborne. We did it guys, pack up the “agenda” gayness can be contracted from the air and through your eyes.

How did I become gay? There were no gay people around me when I was growing up?


I agree Estranged,I suppose that qualifies me as an intolerant moron as well.=)

mastiffchild3438d ago

Jesus. Do we want gamers to be a marginalised last bastion of the mysoginist? I can't believe people are so touchy about "gay" achievements, "gay" chars in games and want to have "gay" kept out of games where it has no place.

Not going for an achievement for a personal reason is fine, you don't need to broadcast the fact but it's fine as we all have our little quirks but in this case it's a bit short sighted as you have no idea just how many gay people worked on any game you might be playing do you? While one in ten western males are believed to be homosexual given the relaxed, white collar working environment enjoyed by many dev houses I would imagine a bit more than that average number find their way into the industry-what are people going to do? Find out which bits of games have been touched by gay hands and demand an option to skip? Or is it ok for them to be gay as long as we don't know? Cos THAT would be real intolerance right there wouldn't it?

These feelings are related directly to religious extremeists feelings(hell it's even in line with some of their doctrine), the same feelings which lead to events like 9/11 and 7/7-is that really the road of intolerance anyone WANTS to go down? Not being able to stomach someone elses way of life, one that wasn't chosen or sold to them in any way(how in the fekkin world can you sell being either straight or gay? IT DOESN'T WORK and shouldn't be tried)isn't, and shouldn't be, normal for us. We here on N4G largely live in western democracies where feedom of expression is one of the proudest of our freedoms so while I might not enjoy hearing what some of us feel here I can't deny you that right-but in the same way none of us should deny anyone else the right to properly and positively show gay characters in their games.

British and US troops are still fighting and being shot in Afghanistan supposedly defending us from conditioned/brainwashed hatred of our society by a very few Muslim extremists yet some of us want to align ourselves with the kinds of attitudes they would also have towards gay people in our lands? And again, some of whom WILL be responsible for some of your favourite games(and films, and music, and art, and cakes, and guns etc, etc). I don't currently have the pleasure of living in a big gay friendly metro sexual city-I live in rural England where this anti gay attitude is all too common. I've been "gay bashed" twice in my life(once hospitalised) just for having a couple of out gay friends(who were forced to leave the area). However, these people still come visit me and my family and are positivve role models to my two sons. Both are in long term and loving relationships and have good, responsible jobs-and will this turn my children? NO IT CAN'T so stop the intolerance as it's just really embarrassing to other gamers with no sense of bigotry in us.

People are born straight and born gay just like they can be born ginger. It's the hatred and bigotry that's taught/acquired/conditioned. Tell me now, which is natural?

SnuggleBandit3438d ago

I'm in no way against gays or anything but for me it would just be weird to see nathan drake, master chief, etc, kissing another dude in a video game. it would just creep me out to be honest.

Xi3438d ago

Most of the comments related to the first comment(this one included) has nothing to do with gaming, the article at hand or have any real thought put into them... It's mostly just rhetoric.

BLuKhaos3438d ago

Gay people are really fvcking annoying.They label you a homophobe if you don't support their movement 100%.You could be completely apathetic towards them and still be considered a bigot by them.They remind me of the muppets behind the modern feminist movement.I fvcking hate that pack mentality of either you're with us or you're against us.I personally don't care if a person is gay just as long as they don't dress in drag or try to hit on me.

The Killer3437d ago

women have a hole men have the hole filler.
and from this new life is born.
who ever defies this is mentally sick.

enough said.

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Nelson M3438d ago

They are Very Gay
Just Look at Marcus and Dom and Master Chump
And the DLC for GTA 4 The Ballad of Gay Tony

-MD-3437d ago

Dom had a wife but good one.

HighDefinition3438d ago

How gay are 'Jocks' that slap each others asses and shower together?

robbo9183438d ago

Nice humor interjection there HD. :)

freeblue3438d ago

almost as gay as a bunch of guys coming together every sunday, just so they have an excuse to look at 22 guys showing their butts and playing an exchanging ball.

The Matrix3438d ago

Wow aren't these guys fat ass losers who live on their computers...

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