GT Anthology: GoldenEye 007

"GT pays tribute to what could be the best console FPS ever."

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shocky163386d ago

lol no.

It was amazing at the time but damn it hasn't aged well.

Are you trying to tell me it's better then Halo 3, Killzone 2 and CoD 4? yeah didn't think so.

ape0073386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

without a doubt the greatest fps game of all time along with perfect dark 64

these games are better than halo3,cod4,kz2,hl2 COMBINED

of course it will not age well but tell me IS THERE ANY GAME THAT GAVE U THE SAME AMAZING EXPERINCE AS GE007 IN ITS DAYS??


the hit detection system seen in these games is the best,most satefying ever,shooting enemies never get old,seeing them react is just an unbelievable experince,GG tried to do this with kz2,it turned great but nothing close to the fun of shooting enemies in ge007 or pd64

if the same devs of ge007 and pd developed a next gen game on 360 or ps3,trust me,cod4,h3 etc will be nothing,SADLY rare sucks these days,they aren't the same team anymore,perfect dark zero was one of the biggest disappointment,they are gone