Square Enix changes it's business model, Final Fantasy VII more likey

Huge news today in Japan as Square Enix announced it reformed business model, and a significant rise in the likelihood of a Final Fantasy VII remake.

Late Wednesday night, on their Japanese web site, Square Enix announced that it will be working under a new business model, focused more on re-releasing existing titles and creating sequels to older games.

This change is no doubt due to the overwhelming success of its latest projects, which have all be remakes of Final Fantasy games for the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance platforms. These remakes have done surprisingly well and have prompted Square Enix to look into the remade games further and for other systems as well. As a result, the company has decided that remakes and sequels will do well enough to keep the company in the green for quite some time.

This news will no doubt start an uproar in Final Fantasy VII remake rumors that have slowly lost their credibility since E3 of 2005. But even more exciting news to some is the possibility of other Square Enix franchises being dug up from the grave and re-released on next gen platforms.

Be sure to check back for more details!

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zantetsuken4197d ago

End the console way? Probably not. Make PS3 sales rise? Aboslutely.

Loudninja4197d ago

It would be a HUGE boost

Dread19814197d ago

played over 100 hours or so,it is one of those games that you just can play forever. I still remember the highlight for me i that game. it was not beating the main boss, no it was beating som kind a creature who only appered in the sand dessert very late in the game.
it took me 20 min or so too beat it. if i remember correct i think it had 1.000.000 hp :-)) and i defeated it with a spell combo of knights of the round tabel and copy (cant remember if was called copy) :-))

If you ever have gotten the materia called knights off the round tabel you would know.. :-)) it takes a big pre quest where you have to have a golden cocobo (you get that after breeding it after a couple of turns but stil realy hard to get) and then you go to an island where you just pick the materia up and there you :-))

but anyway the spell knights of the round tabel did 9999 x 13, and copy well it just copied the move made by previews charector. and then you could just keep making the spell copy and there you had 9999 x 13 x 3 :-))

well back to the game i would realy like to see the game comming to ps3 and yes it would help the ps3 sell a bit :-))

EZCheez4197d ago

It was the mimic materia, and your talking about the Ultima monsters. There was also one in the air, and another one underwater (not as hard as the desert guy though).


This is great news for me and my snaggleteeth. Remake it Square!!!

LAWMAN4197d ago

It is the best RPG game I have ever played. I just really hope they make it ultra cool.

Rybnik4197d ago

So 1up right again. First the ff7 date is updated, now this...humm
matter of time, folks!

tehcellownu4197d ago

they better remake that game for the PS3!!! its only the mattter of time!!

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The story is too old to be commented.